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How the Internet of Things will affect your home appliance

How the Internet of Things will affect your home appliance

The internet of things (IoT) sounds like something that really belongs in a sci – fi film. The IoT however is something that is very real, and something that has already started to impact our daily lives. But exactly is it though?

What is the Internet of Things?

In essence, the IoT is all about technology becoming ‘smarter’. From your washing machine to entire cities. The IoT will be using computer chips and wireless technologies to talk with one another, including your computers and smartphones. Domestic appliance repair company Service Force are at hand to tell us how the IoT will affect your home appliances.

The Internet of Things in your home

Let’s be perfectly honest, housework is boring. You finish a long day at work, take the dog for a walk, prepare and cook your dinner, do your laundry and iron your clothes. What if rather than doing your housework at home, you could start it on the commute home.

Pre heating the oven via an app or confirming a shopping list your smart fridge has generated for you are just a few of the possibilities from the IoT. While this all sounds like a life from a futuristic utopia, many parts remain years away, however, the foundations are being laid now.

Is the IoT just a luxury for the wealthy?

Currently, connected gadgets as somewhat of a luxury because this is how they are marketed. These smart homes are being marketed towards homeowners of the future. But in truth, many aspects of the smart home are a necessity for not only consumers but the environment as well. The IoT will save money through reducing waste and energy. This is why manufacturers need to start marketing these smart home devices which push this promise, rather than something cool to impress your neighbours.

Although we are not at a stage where your fridge will order you a new carton of milk. Aspects like Apple’s home automation system, the ‘HomeKit’ will allow you to remotely control your connected gadgets and appliances. These included using your app to lock electronic doors or turning on the lights before you arrive home.

Why are smart kitchens important in the future?

With the kitchen being the second largest user of energy and the largest producer of waste in the home, the real value of a smart home lies in the fact it gives you ultimate control over what you consume. Through the use of applications, you will be reducing the amount of waste and energy. In turn, you will be saving more time and money.

How will smart appliances be repaired?

By the time these smart appliances take full effect, most of them will contain smart diagnosis, which will ultimately streamline the process of repairing an appliance. If the problem is something minor such as a clogged water filter, it is likely these appliances will produce audible instructions on how to fix it. If the issue is more complicated, than companies like Service Force will know immediately what to do before they arrive.

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