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Using Multi- Spectrum Technology for Maximum Sensitivity

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Using Multi- Spectrum Technology for Maximum Sensitivity

CEIA have developed a technology which allows maximum sensitivity for detecting both magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants in food, including high-resistivity stainless steel.

Multi spectrum means it uses multiple frequencies, all at the same time. It is particularly suited to wet conductive products, liquids, and products packaged in metallised film. The advantage of this is that it gives an increase in sensitivity against a conventional metal detector of up to half the diameter in test sample size.

As an example, half the diameter is an eighth of the volume; this means the multi spectrum metal detector can be up to 800% more sensitive in terms of volume than a standard detector. This gives it an incredible advantage over a standard system in finding small irregularly shaped contaminants.

The multi spectrum metal detector is known as the MS21, and it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. MDS are also able to provide training to ensure you are using the metal detectors to the best of their abilities, as well as providing validations.

To find out more about the multi-spectrum detection series, and the options available, there is information available on the MDS website.

MDS are the UK Distributor for CEIA and hold exclusivity for any CEIA Metal Detectors, validations and repairs.

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