424 Salt Brand to Launch 2019 Gourmet Range At Amsterdam Private Label Food Expo

424 Salt

Gourmet spice producer, 424 Salt (www.424salt.com), is to launch its 2019 range of flavoured and spiced salts at PLMA’S World Private Label Exposition in Amsterdam on 21 and 22 May.

424 Salt sources its natural unprocessed salt from the Dead Sea – 424 metres below sea level. Its 2019 range features five tastes – Gold, Truffle, Orange, Wasabi and Merlot.

Rich in calcium and magnesium, 424 Dead Sea salts are more flavourful, diverse, and tastier due to the extremely low humidity levels in the Dead Sea. This difference in humidity means 424 Dead Sea salts are unlike other popular mineral salts such as those commonly called ‘Himalayan’ salts.  Each 424 Dead Sea salt ‘picks up’ flavours from each spice it comes into contact with, providing a greater range of taste sensations, and making each meal a new culinary experience. The health benefits for those suffering from a lack of magnesium or calcium, are clear!

424 Salt is a result of thousands of years of natural condensation. With an average annual temperature of 40 degrees centigrade year-round, dry clean air and minimal precipitation, the Dead Sea produces salt with unique properties. It is blessed with a higher level of mineralization than other salts and needs no heat processing. Salt 424 just gathers it!

Bring out the delicate flavours in every one of your dishes, the sweetness, sourness and the umami.

424 salts are collected in the traditional way, by hand, and dried by natural evaporation. Certified as 100% natural for seasoning and cooking, all 424 salts have a natural deep taste and they are then differentiated by the addition of a range of subtle and varied flavours.   All salts benefit from the 21 natural minerals found in the Dead Sea – concentrations ten times as high as those found in normal table salt.

424 Salt products are 100% natural, without chemicals or additives. They’re processed and packaged without refining or heating and are available in packaged in presentation packs for corporate or brand promotions.

Salt 424, the richest mineral from the lowest point on earth.

Media contact:

Hadas Weizman, Marcom Solutions

+972(0)54-6077622  |  hadas@marcomm.co.il

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