A beastly new addition – The Kraken announces the launch of its first flavoured rum

  • A much-anticipated release, The Kraken Roast Coffee is the first new product to drop on UK shores from The Kraken since its inaugural launch of The Black Spiced Rum.
  • The brands first flavoured rum, The Kraken Roast Coffee, is a rich fusion of Spiced Caribbean Rum and fine Arabica Bean coffee.
  • Rum fans can expect a rich, dark, and smooth taste of coffee that balances perfectly with the variety of spices in Kraken Rum.
  • The Kraken Roast Coffee is available now on Amazon, priced at £26 for 70cl bottle.

Master of the dark arts (and darker rum), The Kraken announces the launch of its first flavoured rum The Kraken Roast Coffee (70cl, 40% ABV) in the UK this month. A rich fusion of Spiced Caribbean Rum and fine Arabica Bean coffee, this new release tastes every bit as devilishly intense as one might suspect – craftily balancing the rich, dark, smooth taste of coffee with the spices of the original Kraken Black Spiced Rum.

The story goes that in an attempt to ward off an imminent Kraken attack, those who occupy the shores of the High Seas and beyond have persisted with ancient and unavailing methods of hindering The Beast, one being to harness the dark aroma of roast coffee in a futile attempt to deter him. As you’d expect, even the most menacingly potent of Arabica Beans is unable to stop one as mighty as The Kraken… But at least it has resulted in this new and rich dark rum. One which is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

How to consume this bold tasting liquor? It is recommended that The Kraken Roast Coffee is best being enjoyed as an Espresso Rumtini, vigorously shaken:

Espresso Rumtini Martini glass (chilled)50ml The Kraken Roast Coffee40ml Cold-Pressed Coffee10ml Sugar SyrupCinnamon powderCoffee beans (optional garnish) 

Shake ingredients for up to 10 seconds and strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with Cinnamon powder and three coffee beans. 
The Kraken Roast Coffee is available from Amazon priced at £26. To get your tentacles on a bottle, head over to Amazon or for more information head to The Beast’s online portal The League of Darkness:  www.theleagueofdarkness.co.uk. The Kraken Roast Coffee will also be available to buy in supermarkets and bars across the country soon.

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