Airsnax flies into the UK snacks market with new puffed chickpea snack

The healthy snack with a purpose – Airsnax launches this month with four varieties available to retailers now

A new range of healthier, nutritious, chickpea-based puffed snacks is making its debut on the UK snacks scene this month. Bursting with flavour and health credentials, Airsnax are vegan, gluten-free, high in fibre and protein, low calorie, and importantly, tasty and satisfying.  

The 30g bagged snacks are designed to take consumers from meal to meal, averaging between 115 calories per bag. There are four flavours in the range – salted, salt and vinegar, black pepper, and sweet chilli.  They are made using a combination of chickpea, green pea and yellow peas and carefully selected ingredients.  

Created by Nati Azar, the new snacks with a purpose were born out of a desire for a snack that ticked all the boxes and fitted into today’s contemporary lifestyles and eating habits.  

Tapping into the growing demand for nutritious, tasty and convenient savoury snacks, Airsnax will appeal to consumers with a ‘think before you buy’ mentality, who look at nutritional content, enjoy plant-based foods, and balance their diets with gluten-free, low-calorie foods. Healthy snacking is growing at a tremendous rate and the AirSnax founder saw a gap in the market, to deliver a better for you product that was also filling. This is the cornerstone of the AirSnax philosophy, “because snacks aren’t healthy if they leave you hungry.” 

Founder and MD of Airsnax, Nati Azar, worked in the property sector and started to turn his attention to his own wellbeing and health. He made changes to his food choices, eating habits and exercising more to boost his immunity and improve his mental and physical wellbeing. He found healthysnacking a challenge, either too many calories, too much sugar, or low on protein or fibre, so set about coming up with his own.  

Nati says: “Food is such an important part of our lives, so why not make it fun as well as nutritious. I’m so excited to see my idea come to life and I truly believe we’ve created the ideal snack for today’s busy lifestyles and eating habits, plus the branding and packaging is so vibrant, youthful and cool, we’re confident it will stand out on the shelf.  

“Many demographics want to eat more healthily, consume products without the use of animal products, cut back on gluten consumption, and generally eat better-for-you snacks. These were important factors for me and I know they are critical in many people’s purchasing decisions. 

“While our key audience is Gen Z and millennials, in reality, they’re for anyone looking for a healthy, wholesome, satisfying snack for on-the-go or at-home consumption. We see them pairing well with no and low alcohol beers and ciders, tapping into the trend for moderation and mindful eating and drinking. Whether meeting up with friends, picnics and gatherings in the park, or on public transport and road trips, there’s an opportunity for snacking and we can’t wait for people to try them. 

“As retailers stock up and review lines for the summer season, Airsnax will help stores drive sales, both for impulse baskets and planned purchases. Consumers are constantly looking for new and unusual options in the snacks aisle, perhaps opting for something they might not have heard of and are curious to try. Airsnax satisfy cravings for a savoury hit and bring new tastes and textures to snacking.” 

Airsnax are available to retailers now priced at £1 for a 30g bag, with an average of 115 calories per pack.  

They come in four flavours – salted, salt and vinegar, black pepper, and sweet chilli – and are available to purchase directly from the website for £11 for a case of 12 packs.  

Trade prices are available on request.  

Website –

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