AKER, a uniquely English aperitif, launches in collaboration with Chapel Down and Capreolus Distillery

AKER is a brand-new English aperitif launching to the UK trade and consumer market this summer

Created in collaboration with England’s leading wine producer, Chapel Down, and non-conformist spirits distiller, Capreolus Distillery, AKER champions and celebrates all the land has to offer, distilling acres of English countryside into a single drop. 

With consumer behaviour shifting to more awareness around health, provenance, and a thirst for appreciating all things home-grown, now is the perfect time to launch.

AKER’s Founder, Ian Bayliss, says: 

“England has an incredible history of craftsmanship and talent and we want to celebrate that through the fantastic produce we have right on our doorstep. The majority of food and drink we buy is shipped in from all corners of the globe, and we want to challenge that by partnering with two English producers who are the best at what they do, using fresh ingredients that are locally produced for maximum flavour.”

Andrew Carter, Chapel Down CEO, says: 

“AKER is a delightful English aperitif which holds true to our values and craftmanship at Chapel Down and we are delighted that our Pinot Noir Rose wine and Chardonnay grape skin distillate are at the heart of this unique creation.”

Barney Wilczak, Capreolus Distillery Founder, says:

AKER is such an exciting project; the creation of a vermouth that elegantly connects us to the essence of the British countryside is something so incredibly special.”

A fusion of honour for artistry of the past and a thirst for progression into the future, the brand is tapping into a number of consumer trends including the growth and excitement of English wine producers and a demand for premium products that avoid sugary preservatives with a focus on all-natural ingredients. 

Made using Pinot Noir from one of the Chapel Down’s finest vineyards in the heart of Kent and wild fermented eau de vie made with raspberries fresh from the Cotswolds, AKER prides itself on bringing out the true character of its finest English ingredients. 

An infusion of blossoms, roots and spices are balanced with wormwood before, lastly, distilled Chapel Down Chardonnay grape skin distillate is added to enhance the flavour even further. With a low ABV of 0.9 units per serve, it’s designed for a longer, lighter drink experience and is set to disrupt the UK vermouth category and redefine aperitif culture in this country, explains Ian: 

“In the last few years the European aperitivo moment has dominated the market. But we believe it’s time for a new brand that represents the very best of modern English culture.”

AKER English Aperitif is launching its first product, the Rosé expression, in July 2022 with more expressions to be released in the coming months.

The uniquely English aperitif

Find out more at www.english-aker.com

Instagram: @english_aker

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