Arganic; Purveyors Of Pure Cosmetic And Culinary Argan Oil Goods, Hand-sourced From Arabic Ingredients, Finds Mass Appeal In Wave Of Clean Wellness Trends

Argan Oil

Pioneers of highly effective clean skincare & digestive health products and of ethical farming practices since 2012

Arganic, the award-winning purveyors of ethically sourced organic argan oil, has always been popular among health and beauty gurus in the know, but now sales are on the rise as consumers learn of the vast natural wellness benefits of argan oil.

Arganic continues to sell its high quality products across the UK, offering both Cosmetic Argan Oil (£24-£80) and Culinary Argan Oil (£12-£80) made from only the purest ingredients and highest quality.

Argan oil is one of the rarest and most ancient ingredients in the world. It has been used for centuries by the indigenous Berber people of southwest Morocco and originates from the UNESCO-protected Argania Spinosa tree. 

Externally, Arganic’s Cosmetic Argan Oil is a natural and effective anti-aging treatment used to combat dry skin, fine lines & wrinkles, stretch marks & scars, eczema & psoriasis, as well as to condition and strengthen hair and nails. Results can be seen by applying just two to three drops of the 100% pure and Vitamin E- packed oil to affected areas daily. For the face, massage in circular movements. For the hair, run through damp tips or apply all over for a weekly hair mask. It is also safe to use on babies, during pregnancy and for sensitive skin. This one shop wonder allows for a lovely, subtle fragrance that can seep deep into your skin without becoming greasy. 

The health benefits of Arganic’s Culinary Oil are multifaceted and can be seamlessly incorporated into a daily diet. With a strong belief in an uncomplicated beauty regime, Arganic Culinary Oil can give you a glowing complexion and naturally shining hair. The unique blend of Vitamin E with antioxidants and good fats are scientifically proven to regulate blood sugar levels, lower bad cholesterol, strengthen the immune system and aid digestion. For optimal health benefits, take one to two tablespoons a day either directly or mixed into meals. Chefs and foodies-alike rave about the sophisticated nutty flavour, light aroma and silky texture that Arganic’s Culinary Oil gives to endless culinary dishes such as salad dressings, grilled seafood and vegetables, and on rice, pasta and grains. 

Arganic carefully sources their ingredients and proudly remains the only fully traceable argan oil brand in the UK. Unlike other culinary argan oils on the market, Arganic’s culinary oil has a lighter colour and deliciously nutty flavour. To preserve its incredible benefits, all seeds are carefully toasted as opposed to burnt. 

All of Arganic’s oil is sourced from their partner farm, Sidi Yassine. This single-farm system means that all oil is consistent in quality and completely traceable. The trees are tested for health before the fruit is extracted and the farm itself supports the local Berber women by providing employment and fair wages. Arganic is also Soil Association Certified organic and entirely undiluted. 

“We at Arganic are thrilled that the natural wellness benefits of Argan oil are being recognized among mainstream beauty and health circles,” states Arganic Founder, Dana Elemara. “A proud Londoner born to Iraqi parents who were passionate about health and heritage, I have long seen how nutritious food meant naturally shiny hair and a glowing complexion, and therefore an uncomplicated beauty regime. Once you realise that natural and simple works, there no way back. We’re excited for people to experience the effects of Arganic for themselves and also to add robust Argan oil product offerings to our current line.” 

Organic products can be found at Selfridges, Whole Foods, Ocado, Marks & Spencer, As Nature Intended, Daylesford Organic, Harrods, and, of course,

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