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The BACARDÍ Mixing Console will be available from at £1,700.
  • BACARDÍ Rum has blended its rhythmic Caribbean island heritage and passion for beautifully diverse and flavoured premium rums, to create a limited-edition Mixing Console – perfect for mixing drinks and mixing beats!
  • The Mixing Console has been custom made using sun-soaked rum barrels from the Bacardi distillery in Puerto Rico, so cocktail lovers can enjoy the festivities in pure luxury and style this season

BACARDÍ®, the world’s most awarded rum, has launched the BACARDÍ Mixing Console, a limited-edition record player and integrated bar that will transport you to a party-ready island and bring the true spirit of BACARDÍ home this Christmas – the ultimate cocktail and music mixing vinyl bar for the exuberant to gift this season.

Galvanized by the brand’s exuberant Caribbean heritage, where local music and rhythm drive its energetic heartbeat, the BACARDÍ Mixing Console has been custom-built, taking individual rum-soaked staves from the barrels of its premium range to create the turntable’s refined base and bar top. 

Each stave has been delicately stripped and cut to bespoke measurements to encase the vinyl turntable, influenced by the brand’s Sound of Rum music track, to determine the placement of the oak from the turntable itself. Adjoined to the console, the bar cart includes a bespoke walnut drinks tray with custom indentations that perfectly house glassware, shakers and a selection of bottles from BACARDÍ’s premium range, which sparked the ideation for the cart, perfect for luxury gifting to elevate festive celebrations from home. 

Working in collaboration with famed furniture designer Hugh Miller, the BACARDÍ BACARDÍ Mixing Console emanates museum-quality craftsmanship and boasts numerous details with party-ready elements to get you moving this Christmas, including:

  • Built-in Fluance RT80 Vinyl Turntable
  • Custom 50-watt Bluetooth speakers, housed in decadent brass mesh fronting 
  • Record store shelf to house the best festive dance tracks this season
  • Decadent walnut cocktail bar top set with its own hand made oak cocktail-stirrers, crafted from the rum barrels 
  • A bottle of premium BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez

BACARDÍ Brand Director, Fabio Ruffet has commented: “We wanted to bring the exuberant island-heritage of the BACARDÍ brand to life with this console whilst ensuring music was at its core. We know everyone will be celebrating more at-home this Christmas season, whether virtually or within their households, so we wanted to create the BACARDÍ Mixing Console as the perfect way to enjoy the festivities with a premium touch – just like our rums! The rise in premiumisation continues across the UK with a growth of +18% in the UK which is showing no signs of slowing down.”

Beneath the bar top, the brand’s sophisticated and colourful legacy shines through with deep green felt, housing cocktail shakers and additional bar accessories to give you everything you need to host a premium, music-fuelled Christmas at home.

The rare and premium BACARDÍ rums provide a range of possibilities, which have inspired the limited edition console and include BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho and the most recent addition to the portfolio, BACARDÍ Gran Reserva Diez. Each rum has been aged under the warm Caribbean sun, giving them their individuality and wonderful complexity.

Designer, Hugh Miller said: “The BACARDÍ Mixing Console takes inspiration from the heritage of BACARDÍ as an icon of Caribbean culture. This unique visual identity is defined by retrofitting, updating and mixing, and exemplified in the BACARDÍ record console in how the baroque legs are blended with an art deco curved speaker grille, and a glassware shelf lined in vibrant tropical print. BACARDÍ’s premium range is aged in beautiful oak barrels and these have been added into the mix, with barrel staves cast into rum-coloured resin, forming the console top. It’s a carnival in a cabinet, and the perfect complement for a Caribbean soiree.”

As one of the oldest and most respected rum brands in the world, BACARDÍ has more than 157 years of history and heritage. For the family-owned brand, rum is more than about business, it’s personal, with a family name proudly displayed on every bottle and now the Mixing Console This is exemplified through generations of expert craftsmanship and authenticity.

The BACARDÍ Mixing Console will be available from at £1,700.

For more information on BACARDÍ rum and festive cocktail recipes, visit www.BACARDÍ.com 

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