Cheerful Buddha Launches New CBD Infused Coffee

Cheerful Buddha

Cheerful Buddha is a high-end luxury coffee with an innovative added health and wellbeing twist. This exciting new coffee is roasted in the UK and precision-infused with CBD oil derived from hemp. This new launch is the perfect accompaniment to any morning routine and promotes emotional and physical wellbeing. Cheerful Buddha boosts feelings of relaxation and improves mood. It is also gluten-free, Non-GMO and lactose-free. This new gold-standard CBD coffee is suitable for everyday consumption; the Colombian blend is fruity, smooth, rounded and subtle.

The CBD contained in Cheerful Buddha coffee is 100% certified as organic and contains no THC, the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant which when smoked creates the notorious ‘high’. CBD, a non-psychoactive naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants, is widely sold and consumed safely as a health supplement, and is legal throughout the UK and Europe.

Founder and CEO, Claudia Marcela Guevara Gonzalez, worked tirelessly with her team of roasters to create a new method of CBD consumption. Some cafes in the UK sell ‘CBD coffee’ where they simply add CBD oil to the coffee prior to serving. Unfortunately, oil and water do not mix and so the oil forms an oil slick which is consumed first and results in a large deterioration in taste. The Cheerful Buddha CBD-infused coffee helps to keep people calm whilst providing energy and focus. CBD through coffee is metabolised more slowly, producing a more powerful and long-lasting effect and it naturally wakes you up. It has also been known to reduce some of the jitters associated with coffee. Cheerful Buddha coffee is roasted in a process that removes every trace of the strong earthy smell and bitter taste associated with cannabis derivatives.

Whilst she is not a practising Buddhist, Claudia has great respect for the Buddha’s principles: “Buddha represents peace, love and a positive existence. Cheerful Buddha aims to make people feel good and improve overall wellbeing – which ultimately makes us all feel happier. We have worked tirelessly to create a stylish and superior product that steps above the hippy stereotypes of the cannabis plant. Cheerful Buddha is the perfect product to sit alongside your morning routine. It can be used in cafetières, stove-top percolators, barista-style coffee machines and also reusable coffee pods.”

The Cannabis Trades Association claims the number of Brits regularly using CBD oils in other products doubled between 2017 and 2018 to well over 250,000. Products derived from cannabis are becoming hugely popular and widely recognised for their medicinal benefits. The World Health Organisation issued a report last year that revealed CBD can help to treat the symptoms of various conditions including; Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression, Cancer and complications associated with diabetes. From late 2018, GPs in England and Wales have been legally permitted to prescribe cannabis oils.

Cheerful Buddha is available in 100g packs and can be purchased from the Cheerful Buddha website. Each pack contains 100MG of CBD and is priced at £13.00 inclusive of all delivery costs. Consumers can purchase single packs and discounts are available for customers that buy three or five packets.

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