Dairy Industry’s Growing Demands Requires Smart Investments and Automation.


The UK is one of the leading dairy product manufacturers in Europe, and it is worth over £10.2 billion to the country’s economy (2017, Office of National Statistics).

Most dairy products require precision engineering, advanced automation techniques and data analytics to develop systems that edge ever closer to perfect. They often have many variables to create the ideal flavour profile, texture, etc. every single time, as consistency is a crucial element for any dairy product maker. 

Power Food Technology aims to help our clients achieve this perfection through our tried and tested machines, coupled with expert design to customise solutions for every client. 


The demand for cheese is growing around the world. By 2026, Europe is expected to be producing over 1.1 billion tonnes of cheese. Therefore, cheese producers need to grow too, to feed that market. For every cheese maker, whether it be a multinational company or a farmhouse cheesemaker, meeting these demands means making smart investments.

One way to do this is to utilise your existing space effectively by creating a seamless cheese production line. Introducing accumulation zones into the production line helps to even out the production flow between machines. 

Power Food Technology can design a line accumulation stage that meets your companies specific requirements, and we can ensure it will integrate harmoniously into your existing line. Our block accumulation lines have no product-to-product contact and full belt support underneath the unsealed block. They offer very tight transfers between belts, to protect blocks and avoid damaging their edges before it reaches your vacuum sealer. 

For example, if your sealer completes four blocks per cycle, presenting blocks to the machine in a staged manner creates an even product flow without interrupting other parts of the line. 

Automating your line in such a way that you are introducing these smart processes and equipment enables you to optimise production and fine-tune your method. Using the data, you collect throughout your cheese line to build a secure track of your chain is a great place to start when it comes to meeting the demands of the future. 

“Embrace line automation at every level; It is not some mysterious black box to be afraid of, but a very valuable tool that will save you time, effort and money”, John Power, Managing Director of Power Food Technology Ltd.

Including other Power Food Technology machines such as the Leak Detector(™), which is for checking the vacuum seal on 20 kg cheese blocks, is also an excellent way to reduce wastage of time and money. This machine was developed in response to a problem our clients had with reliable detection of leaking blocks. Previous systems struggled with changing to different cheese recipes, so we designed our system for easy operator setup and it self-teaches to keep the tightest tolerances on the cheese quality. The system also tests on the fly so we do not stop product flow and 100% of production is tested. 

The Leak Detector(™) can be designed for seamless integration into your existing system. It is recipe driven so different cheese types can be tested with no setup requirements. The benefits of this hygienically designed unit result in a higher quality yield, as you can detect line problems faster and with better accuracy. Fine tuning the performance and consistency of your cheese line is a must in today’s dairy industry. 

Other Dairy

Producers of multiple different dairy products, such as ice-cream, yoghurt, speciality cheeses, should seek opportunities to embrace line automation and grow. Having a more efficient line will save time and money and give them more control over their process.

“Our experience means we know how to get the relevant information in front of the right people, so systems operate efficiently. We capture line information and report it directly to the client’s management system, in real time and without manual input errors. This gives accurate production information and trends”, John Power, Managing Director. 

One way producers can bring this about is with Power Food Technology’s latest development: the Mini-Link(™) system. This was built to meet the requirements of clients who saw the advantages of our larger systems but did not have the volume to justify the cost. It is much easier to install in an existing building and can be customised to meet the client needs. It is also available in stainless steel for handling unpacked food products. It is a very flexible system and can handle a wide range of products — for example, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, bacon tempering, baked goods, meat. The Mini-Link(™) system can handle anything that needs cooling, freezing, tempering, defrosting and buffering.

Our company gives our clients the most flexible solution so they can quickly adapt to the changing market requirements. Processors need every advantage to compete in today’s market. We provide systems with spare capacity to meet future growth in production, without having to spend the capital upfront. Our designs allow for system expansion to be done within a day to minimise interruption to production.

Power Food Technology was founded in Feb 2013 after an MBO (managerial buy-over) of the Freezing & Chilling and Dairy division of the Odenberg Engineering Group. John Power (MD) worked for Odenberg for 25 years across all divisions, and this experience, along with the experienced team, is at the core of Power Food Technology. We work in the Dairy, Meat, Food Service industry to provide innovative product handling and cooling and freezing equipment.

Article by Róisín Power, Marking and R&D.

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