Disaronno evokes the Italian summer feeling with their new Disaronno Velvet Batida cocktail

The new hero cocktail from Disaronno is as delicious as it is elegant 

UK, 23rd June 2022: Disaronno, the world’s favourite Italian liqueur1,today unveils its latest cocktail creation. The Disaronno Velvet Batida cocktail, consisting of Disaronno Velvet, coconut water and ice, will launch in the on-premise across the UK this summer. The cocktail will be showcased at exclusive events in Hush Mayfair in London and the Candy Bar in Edinburgh.

The cocktail is made by mixing 1 part Disaronno Velvet, 1 part coconut water and 2 parts crushed ice – served with a slice of coconut as garnish.

The Disaronno Velvet Batida is the brand’s latest addition to its prestigious cocktail family, following in the footsteps of globally renowned hero favourites such as the Disaronno Sour and the Disaronno Fizz. The Disaronno Velvet Batida encapsulates the ‘classic’ Disaronno lifestyle; sociable, stylish, and refreshingly original.

The new blend is inspired by Disaronno’s ‘DIS IS OUR SUMMER’ concept which aims at reclaiming the summer as your own and inspiring the infamous Disaronno dolce vita lifestyle. Influenced by the ‘new Dolce Vita’, the brand launched their luxuriously smooth Disaronno Velvet liqueur in the summer of 2020, and the Disaronno Velvet Batida cocktail is an extension of this mentality and taste. The mixologists behind the drink sought to create a cocktail that celebrates the pursuit of one’s own happiness, as well as signify a transition from the old to the new this summer.

Disaronno Velvet (50 cl, ABV 17% vol) is available at WaitroseSainsburysTescoCo-Op from £16. 

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