Drynks Unlimited Invest Over £1m To Challenge Nolo Category On Taste


Drynks Unlimited, a UK manufacturing, sales and marketing company founded in 2017 that focuses 100% on producing alcohol-free drinks, has invested a further £1m in the UK’s only state-of-the-art dealcoholising technology.

The funding enables the company to invest in the UK’s only state-of-the-art dealcoholisation technology that produces next generation alcohol-free drinks. The technology uses the revolutionary cool vacuum distillation process (CVD) which gently removes alcohol from full strength alcohol whilst retaining the full-strength personality, character and flavour of the original liquid.

The British company is focusing its investment on engaging with both retailers and consumers to rethink their drinking choices with its portfolio of brands in the 0% category.

The ability to produce a range of drinks using cool vacuum distillation technology will take the NoLo category to the next level with alcohol-free drinks that truly deliver a great taste and an authentic experience. Drynks Unlimited will offer a full range of alcohol-free drinks and is doubling its range of Smashed with the addition of a Smashed Berry and Smashed Citrus (it launched Smashed Cider and Smashed Hops in October 2018). The addition of 330ml cans, both in singles and in 4x330ml packs, along with its glass bottles will open up Smashed to new areas of both the on and off trade, where cans continue to go from strength to strength.

The Smashed range uses authentic craft beer and cider and then gently dealcoholises it in its own state-of-the-art cool vacuumed distillation plant. This process produces the best quality 0% liquid which maintains the taste and character of the original alcoholic drink. Drynks Unlimited is the first UK company to own this revolutionary dealcoholisation kit and produce alcohol-free drinks in this way.

Drynks Unlimited was founded by a team of drinks and leisure industry experts led by ex-Halewood marketing director, Richard Clark. The alchemy behind the 0% liquid has been developed and fine-tuned by Halewood’s ex-director of research and development, Les Norton. The team launched its first products – Smashed Apple and Smashed Hops – in October 2018 and has secured listings in a number of on and off trade partners, including Selfridges, Trafford Centre, Redemption healthy restaurant bars in London, Leeds University Union, Brunning & Price, Hickory’s Smokehouse and 50+ licensed outlets.

Richard Clark, MD of Drynks Unlimited said: “The time is right to produce the next generation of premium alcohol-free drinks that offer a truly authentic experience. Whilst there has been an explosion of new NoLo drinks, many are disappointing on taste which may be due to the way they have been produced.

“We are the only UK drinks business to invest in the state-of-the-art cool vacuum dealcoholisation kit that produces a fantastic new taste experience, and we are confident this will add excitement to the category. We’d love consumers and retailers to take the Smashed taste challenge and try our drinks against their current favourite NoLo or soft drink.”

Drynks Unlimited is leading a student ‘low/no alcohol campaign in partnership with Leeds University Union (LUU). The LUU extensive alcohol-free range was launched in March 2019 and offers a category approach with a mix of NoLo alcohol brands across a number of bars around the campus including two of Smashed products. Initial feedback from the trial has been very positive and has seen a category sales jump of 500%. 

Richard Clark, MD of Drynks Unlimited adds; “Our Smashed range appeals to consumers who are choosing to reduce their alcohol intake whether that’s part of a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle, or choosing to ‘swap in’ alcohol-free drinks on a night out.

“We are a small team of dedicated and experienced drinks professionals with a portfolio of brands that mean we will be at the forefront of this hugely exciting category. We want to give people quality and choice in the alcohol-free market. We want to create a range of alcohol-free products that consumers happily choose rather than default to and which they enjoy just as much as their normal alcoholic tipple.”

Drynks Unlimited Smashed range uses the finest British ingredients to create authentic tasting beer and cider and then the alcohol is gently removed in a low impact cool vacuumed environment which maintains the same bubbly, personality, character and flavour of the full alcohol version.

Smashed drinks don’t compromise on ingredients, process or equipment to create vegan-friendly, gluten-free (where possible) drinks. The 330ml Smashed Hops and 330ml Smashed Apple have less than 100 calories each.

Smashed Cider

Golden, slightly opaque sparkling liquid with a fresh inviting aroma of English apples. The taste delivers pure refreshment with a perfect balance of sharpness, sweetness and bite. The initial refreshing upfront green apple taste is perfectly complimented with a great mouthfeel and a satisfying astringent mature English cider finish.

Smashed Citrus

A pale gold sparkling liquid with fresh, clean aroma expressing English malt, hints of hop and a touch of citrus. The taste has been crafted for pure refreshment and has pleasant malty base notes accented with just the right amount of Hops for perfect balance and sessionability. The product has great mouthfeel and a hint of sweetness pairs perfectly with the slightly sharp citrus notes in the aftertaste.

Smashed Hops

A pale golden sparkling beer, with an aromatic hoppy nose backed up with floral hints. The taste is well balanced and rounded with good mouthfeel and a clean aromatic finish with a firm bitterness.

Smashed Berry

A purple berry coloured sparkling fruit cider with a fruity, fresh, clean nose with hints of English cider. The taste is sharp and refreshing with a perfect balance of sweetness backed up with a strong summer berry flavours followed by hints of English cider and a firm cider astringency to finish.

Smashed Berry and Smashed Citrus will be available from September 2019.

We may be all about the 0% but we are 100% focused on creating a collection of alcohol-free drinks.

Check us out on www.drynks.co.uk and on social @drynkssocial

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