Dustcontrol UK Ltd. – Celebrating 50 yrs in industry

Dustcontrol AB was founded in 1972 by Johann Haberl, Mirko Purar, and Evert Kranz. All three had previously worked as engineers at Devac AB. Devac was a Swedish government owned research and development company.

The main purpose of the company was to research the health hazards of dust generated when drilling into stone. At the time, stone dust and “stone dust lung” was a major issue. After testing various methods such as binding the dust with water and air filtration, their finding was that the most effective method was source extraction. When Devac was wound up, the three colleagues decided to continue with the source extraction project themselves. A new private company was formed – Dustcontrol AB

However, the market for stone dust was limited. The company therefore began to develop stationary and mobile dust extractors for other industries and now is a specialist partner to companies globally in a wide range of environments from food production, aerospace, pharmaceutical, electronics, power stations, brick works and metal manufacturers.

Efficient Production, Increased Productivity and a Cleaner Working Environment

Dustcontrol’s main task is to facilitate efficient production, increased productivity and a cleaner working environment. We sell products and customized solutions that allow the customer to focus on their production. In addition, Dustcontrol offers service, accessories and spare parts. With mobile dust extractors and stationary central vacuum systems, Dustcontrol helps companies all over the world to develop a healthier and more efficient production environment and to better production quality. We create a cleaner working environment by removing dust and other contaminants.

Today, the Dustcontrol group consists of the Head Office in Sweden and local sales companies in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Finland, and worldwide partners.

Our fifty-year anniversary video – https://youtu.be/dJfhTntFnx4

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