Easter 2022 Salcombe Dairy

Salcombe Dairy are delighted to launch a new range of bean -to-bar Easter Eggs, hand spun in Salcombe, Devon. For those very serious about their chocolate, hand decorated eggs in milk, white or dark chocolate are paired with two tasting bars, the fully compostable cardboard packaging has also been designed and made in Devon. Luxury drinking chocolate presented with an egg also makes an Easter gift to delight the senses. For the first time, a range of fun and innovative children’s eggs and bunnies in very sweet pink and navy boxes form part of the offering.

Hand spun in our factory in Salcombe Devon, our milk chocolate egg comes with our very own bean to bar Evening Star Hot Chocolate, perfect with whipped cream on an Easter day.

Milk Chocolate Easter egg (160g) with Evening Star Hot Chocolate.
Our classic Milk Chocolate Easter egg is back, now with our decadent evening star hot chocolate; a match made in heaven.
All of our Easter eggs are hand made and hand wrapped in Salcombe in our own factory.

White Chocolate Easter egg (160g) with Evening Star Hot Chocolate in Navy & White Cocoa Pod Presentation Gift Box

Dark Chocolate Easter egg (160g) with Evening Star Hot Chocolate.
Our dark chocolate egg comes with our own evening star hot chocolate which is made in Salcombe. Our Dark chocolate is dairy free making it a suitable treat for vegans.

Hand decorated white Chocolate Easter egg (160g) with 2 x 80g bars – Milk & Vanilla (Decoration: 2g dark chocolate) in a yellow and white cocoa pod presentation box.

Say a very happy Easter to someone with this hand decorated white egg. We have used our Dark Chocolate to create a stunning handcrafted design on our delicious White Egg. The Egg comes with bean-to-bar milk and white vanilla 80g bars.

Honeycomb Milk Chocolate Easter egg (160g) with 2 x 80g bars – Orange, Evening Star (Decoration: 10g honeycomb pieces).

Hand decorated Dark Chocolate Easter egg (160g) with 2 x 80g bars – Dark, Peppermint (Decoration: 2g white chocolate).

A stunning Milk Easter Egg studded with delicious Honeycomb; presented in a beautiful Gift Box with two bean to bar chocolate bars: Milk Orange and Evening Star (our Darker Milk). Bound to be the Easter morning favourite!

A decadent decorated Dark Easter Egg; we have used White Chocolate to create a truly unique handcrafted Easter Egg. This egg comes with a dark and peppermint bean to b a r c h o c ol a te f o r a sophisticated paring. All the above luxury bean-to bar Easter eggs retail at £20 – available on our website https://salcombedairy.co.uk/


Milk chocolate hand spun Easter egg(160g) with 50g milk chocolate.

Milk chocolate hand spun Mrs & Mrs Easter bunny (each 70g) with 50g white chocolate buttons.

White chocolate hand spun Easter egg (160g) with 50g white chocolate buttons.

Our White handcrafted Egg is presented in a perfect pink or blue, bunny gift box with a hidden bag of White C h o c o l a t e b u t t o n s underneath, perfect for a child on easter morning!

All children’s products retailing at £15 – available on our website and in good farm shops and delis.

The taste of holidays in Devon can also now be delivered to your door…

Our adorable Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny Family are the perfect gift for all the little ones in your life this Easter. Our two Milk Bunnies are handcrafted f r om ou r B e an – to – B a r chocolate and then hand wrapped into our simply wonderful Easter Bunny Gift Box, available in pink or blue. Hidden underneath they will also find a bag of scrumptious White Chocolate Buttons.

Our chocolate is made in an entirely nut and peanut free environment. It is also gluten free, soya and palm oil free.
For press enquiries or photos please contact Lucia@blys.co.uk

Salcombe Dairy began selling ice cream online for home delivery last summer, wrapped in dry ice and recycled denim, available to order in 2 x 2 Litre reusable tubs serving sixteen scoops in each tub, available online costing £35.


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