edding Tech – New German Printers For Industrial Marking & Coding


German ink expert edding has launched a range of new printers for industrial marking and coding for use on a fixed production line, or in any outdoors or warehouse environment. The advanced TIJ technology can print on virtually any surface, using a variety of quality inks, made by edding.

Industrial marking is a process of high operational and strategic importance, affecting companies of all categories — from food and beverage producers to distributors and logistics companies.
A minor incremental expense, industrial marking and coding has outsize influence on the entire production process: It’s so essential to print batch numbers or expiry dates, that if this process breaks down, the entire production line grinds to a halt.
Therefore, the reliability of a marking and coding solution is an absolute must for any production line manager.

Until recently, the technology that dominated this production line step was that of continuous inkjet (CIJ), a system that can operate at high speeds but is
Expensive — not only high capex, but also maintenance and servicing cost;
Operationally complex — CIJ printers use three separate pumps, various pressure regulators and valves, as well as electronic parts, all of which are possible failure points and sources of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance needs;
Ecologically questionable — using chemicals and solvents that get dispersed in the air, impacting employees’ health and the environment.

The new Edding printers can print on virtually any surface.

edding is launching its marking printer models, designed and manufactured in Germany: in-line 12 and portable 12.

The new edding Thermal Injection (TIJ) printers operate with a totally different system: they have high resolution 600 dpi print cartridges that are easy to install and replace, have no moving parts, do not need maintenance and guarantee production continuity, fortified by a 24-month full warranty. edding printers mark on the most varied surfaces and minimise power consumption.

Within these new possibilities, edding is launching its models designed and manufactured in Germany: in-line 12 and portable 12. With a self-explanatory touch screen, these compact printers are so intuitive to use that they do not require any training for installation or operation.

Add to this edding’s decades-old leadership in the ink market, which ensures that this new technology prints on any surface, whether porous, non-porous or even directly on food. It also offers a wide range of colours, with special variants such as yellow and white for printing on dark surfaces, and UV for marking invisible codes.

To demonstrate this point, edding has built a website feature called WePrint where you can choose a material and item and watch an employee print on that particular item.

At WePrint, edding allows website visitors to choose a material and watch an employee print on the item of their choice.

The portable model, meanwhile, adds to these advantages the possibility of performing industrial marking outside the production line, for example in the case of logistics, transport, automotive companies, and for printing on boxes in warehouses or even in construction areas.

edding is a new German solution for British industry that combines supreme printing quality, strong reliability, and cost savings.

For more information go to: edding.tech/en/printers

Try the new WePrint tool here.

Or if you want to chat directly, contact us here.

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