FUL® Foods win “Best Beverage Ingredient Award” at the 2021 World Beverage Innovation Awards

FUL Flavors

FUL® Foods, the company behind FUL® Revive, the delicious natural and functional vegan and climate active health drinks phenomenon, has won the 2021 World Beverage Innovation Awards for best beverage ingredient. The young company (less than two years old) encapsulates the need for sustainable production of high quality, nutritionally valuable ingredients in the food and drinks industry.

FUL® Foods was founded by three female climate entrepreneurs who conducted initial research and development at the Biotech Campus Delft based in the Netherlands collaborating with the worlds’ top food and flavour scientists from Wageningen University.  Together they have created a climate active innovation in food and drink technology: their new ingredient FUL®, derived from nutrient dense spirulina via a biorefinery process to produce a sustainable, water soluble, stable, and delicious-tasting source of natural nutrition.

 Whereas spirulina and other microalgae is plagued by a very strong taste, smell and issues around colour stability and solubility, FUL® superfood’s innovative technology turns spirulina into something mass market friendly. The first product to contain this new exciting ingredient FUL® Revive is a refreshing collection of sparkling soft drinks that taste great and help aid our health.

 Perhaps most relevant for the future of our planet, FUL aims to positively impact the planet through the way it is produced. “CO2 recycling” which uses biogenic sources of CO2 – in other words, CO2 emitted from other functions like brewing beer, for example, is reutilised as a primary feedstock to grow spirulina. This CO2 that would usually be released into the environment the spirulina turn into a host of nutrients and oxygen.

FUL® also does not require arable land, fertilisers or pesticides and it also uses minimal freshwater in production. Unlike other types of crops which absorb water through the ground, FUL® is kept in a closed-loop system allowing the water used in the production process to be collected after harvesting and reutilised during the subsequent cultivation. FUL® also has the potential to be grown on top of buildings or in the desert, turning under utilised space into nutrition-generation centres!

The FUL® Revive drinks are low in calories, have no added sugar, and provide a powerful serving of natural, high-quality vegan protein, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, all derived from FUL® the water-soluble, unapologetically blue superfood. 

FUL® Revive is a versatile sparkling drink available in three refreshing flavours – white peach, lemon and ginger and lime & mint. Suitable for any time of day, they can provide an invigorating pick me up after a workout or served as a refreshing drink to be enjoyed simply on its own. It also makes for an eye-catching addition to cocktails or mixed with your favourite gin, rum or vodka. 

CEO Julia Streuli “With FUL® Superfood our vision is to unlock the potential of a climate active food source by making products that don’t compromise on convenience or taste.”

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