Game-changing Nordic Pulled Oats® Launches in Manufacturing

Veggie Taco

Manufacturers wanting to cash in on the booming vegan market may have had their plant-based prayers answered with the arrival of Gold&Green.

The Nordic company behind plant-based protein Pulled Oats®, has a new ingredient range for manufacturers who want to keep up with current consumer trends and give their offering some pure pulling power.

With plant-based sales exploding by 243% during the pandemic and health conscious shoppers reportedly putting 14% more products in their baskets, the launch allows manufacturers to swap their meat ingredients with the revolutionary plant-based protein and meet the demands for healthy, green and clean ready-meals and snacks.

With just five ingredients and absolutely no soy, Pulled Oats® by Gold&Green is a mix of oats, fava beans, and peas. 100% natural and vegan approved by the Vegetarian Society, the meat alternative tastes great and is packed with far more protein and nutrition than chicken and beef, as well as other meat alternative ingredients.

Speaking about Pulled Oats®, Simon Solway, Country Manager, OOH UK and IRE said;

“It’s never been a more challenging time for manufacturers to meet the demand of consumers who want unprocessed, nutritional and satisfying options. The arrival of Pulled Oats® by Gold&Green means there is a soy-free, clean and green meat-free solution for manufacturers looking to give their ready meals, snacks and food-to-go portfolio some pure pulling power.  With an unbeatable range, great texture, as well as a mild and tender taste, Pulled Oats® is the easy way to offer healthy, nutritious and filling plant-based products that will boost sales.”

The range includes Pulled Oats® Perfect Protein Granules. Dehydrated, they are ideal for adding texture and nutrition to pie and pastry fillings, updating consumer favourites such as Bolognese or Mexican chilis, as well as packing out bakery products. Pulled Oats® Perfect Protein Flakes, which are also dehydrated, can be used in popular granola bars and ready meals. Pulled Oats® Mince for sauces and pizza toppings, as well as Pulled Oats® Burger Patties.

Pre-cooked, the entire Pulled Oatsrange can be eaten hot or cold and used in dry or ready-cooked dishes, making them ideal for sandwiches, wraps, food-to-go and ready meals. Non-flavoured, these absorbent little oats take on the flavour of any cuisine from Italian and Indian to Chinese, to bring out flavour perfection in a range of dishes and products. 

Highly versatile, Pulled Oats are the simple plant-based solution for manufacturers who want to swap out meat, and provide consumers with a nutritional and satisfying vegan ingredient that is as tasty as it’s reliable – all backed with Nordic know-how!

With consumers having a renewed focus on their wellbeing, as well as the environment, Pulled Oats® can help support manufacturers with a natural, world-friendly, plant-based offering. Simon adds;

“Gold&Green is the perfect partner for manufacturers looking for plant-based products and solutions that are as nutritional, as they are sustainable. Our Pulled Oats® are pure goodness, with absolutely no additives. With Pulled Oats® you can easily add more nutrition into your ready meals and snacks – including protein, fibre, minerals and antioxidants – plus you’re making your offering greener and better for the planet.”

With 30% of all greenhouse gases coming from food production[iv], and a single vegetarian meal saving up to seven bathtubs of water versus a meat-based dish, the positive impact manufacturers can have by swapping their meat protein for Pulled Oats® can be significant.

Finnish founders, Maija Itkonen and Reetta Kivelä wanted to create a product that was going to change the world, be healthy, tasty and delicious. Pulled Oats® is for meals that matter.

For more information on  Pulled Oats by Gold&Green visit

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