Go Crackers for Cocktails on The Night Before Christmas!

Sexton crackers

To celebrate the year almost being over, The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey is aiming to bring some seriously wry smiles to (adult) faces across the land, by releasing a limited run of premium ’Night Before Christmas Crackers’. Sold in packs of 4, all in the aid of The Comedy Trust, each one contains a delicious pre-made cocktail, glorious jokes crafted by some of the finest minds in British comedy, and of course, the traditional Christmas hat!

This is a whiskey which has always saluted the mischievousness and wonderful world of the night, and the opportunities it provides for creative folk to truly flourish. So this year, The Sexton is making Christmas Eve the occasion to remember, prioritising celebrating with high spirits, friends and fun in the twilight hours with Noctails and magnificent dark humour.

And what is a Noctail? Well, glad you asked…  Because with dark, magical and intriguing moments never too far away from a night with The Sexton, we’ve enlisted some of the most mischievous of mixologists to craft an exclusive range of Noctails, using ingredients that flourish deep in the night time. 

Sure – these aren’t necessarily for the cocktail traditionalists. But then – neither is The Sexton!

Created from ‘forced’ rhubarb grown under the cover of darkness, The Night Before Christmas is a Noctail set to surprise and delight the true creatures of the night – and it tastes just wonderful!

Designed as the perfect present for the discerning whiskey drinkers in your life, expect the aroma of nuts, marzipan and dark chocolate with a pinch of spice encapsulated in a ready-to-drink delicious dark twist on the Old Fashioned, all sealed in a delicate amber screw-top bottle – ready to enjoy upon opening!

Whilst whiskey aficionados sip on their favourite new festive tipple, The Sexton also encourages them to sit back and embrace their dark side with a collection of witty jokes written by a team of prominent names from the British comedy circuit.

The line-up that includes ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent star Jon Courtenay, BAFTA award-winning Michael Legge, and Edinburgh Fringe award-winner John Robins will be delivering their best attempts at twisted-Christmas jokes. Thank us later, but we’ve listed the cocktail recipe within the crackers so you can easily re-create it, should you spill all your drinks laughing!

Comedian, pianist and singer, known for winning the fourteenth series of Britain’s Got Talent, Jon Courtenay said, “Reaching into my dark side and delivering some potent lines has been an interesting experience for me! 2020 has been a very difficult year for a lot of people and I’m looking forward to a really happy, healthy 2021 for everyone. I hope a few of these jokes, one or two whiskey cocktails and a Christmas hat can help to put a smile on people’s faces until then!”

But that’s not all… in the spirit of the unexpected, one cracker will also include an extra gift, with the lucky recipient receiving a year’s supply of The Sexton – turning every evening into an opportunity to embrace the darkness.

The must-have Christmas items for any whiskey-lover will be sold for £20 (4 x crackers per pack) with all proceeds from sales donated to The Comedy Trust to support live comedy throughout the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

Sam Avery, Artistic Director at The Comedy Trust, said: “We’re chuffed to bits that proceeds from The Night Before Christmas Crackers will be supporting The Comedy Trust’s ground-breaking humour and wellbeing programmes. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone and this will help us support even more people to be happier and healthier next year. Happy Christmas!”

The Sexton is an unconventional and versatile single malt that will satisfy even the most restless of spirits. It inspires its flock to take the road less travelled and explore dark places where others fear to tread. Dark, magical and intriguing things are bound to happen at night; the darkness is our playground.

The Sexton Whiskey ’The Night Before Christmas Crackers’ will be available to purchase, on 8th December, from Shopify, ready for the lucky recipients to enjoy them on the evening of the 24th – once all the kids are asleep of course!

For more information on the Sexton Whiskey ’The Night Before Christmas Crackers’, Night Before Christmas cocktail or to hear comedian Jon Courtenay perform his joke, or to find out more about Noctails please visit The Sexton Whiskey Instagram page.

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