Gosh! Providing quality vegan food with Labcell’s AquaLab 4TE

In response to consumers’ increasing appetites to care for the planet as well as their bodies, Gosh! Food offers a variety of delicious plant-based and free-from food made with 100% natural ingredients.  The range, which includes sausages and burgers, is approved by the Vegan Society, and so is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike!

Gosh! Food’s commitment to customers is evident through the entire manufacturing process, from sourcing suitable ingredients, formulating vegan-compliant recipes and a rigorous quality assurance process.  For the last five years, Gosh! Food has been using the Aqualab 4TE Water Activity Monitor from Labcell in the development process. 

The monitor was purchased from Labcell in 2017. Delivery was followed up with a site visit to demonstrate the operation, day-to-day maintenance, cleaning and performance verification routines.  Labcell also provided standards to the customer to allow local checking and performance validation.

As you would expect from a company with high standards, Gosh! Food has taken advantage of Labcell’s annual service and calibration to keep the instrument in good condition and functioning to the latest specifications. The company has also purchased standards regularly to check the instrument as part of their in-house testing routine.

Viki Evans, Process Development Manager at Gosh! Food said “The ability to quickly and easily measure water activity allows us to optimise recipes throughout the NPD process from initial development through to scale up and factory trials.  We can also check potential impacts due to process or equipment changes – this was of great benefit during the commissioning of our second manufacturing site in 2021”.

The AquaLab Series 4TE produces accurate measurements of the water activity in active ingredients, excipients and formulations. Water activity measurements are essential when following due course and process as part of GMP (good manufacturing practice) because water activity has a significant bearing on product stability, as well as the handleability of materials in production and packaging equipment. AquaLab Series 4TE is a precise, easy-to-use instrument which enables lab-quality measurements of water activity to be made in the production environment. It is suitable for use by formulation and research and development teams, as well as those working on new packaging designs.

For more information or to book a demonstration, visit the website at www.labcell.com, call Labcell on 01420 568150 or e-mail mail@labcell.com

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