Grey Goose launches new flavours with AR experience

Vodka brand works with web3 creative agency Swipe Back

Premium vodka brand Grey Goose has launched three flavours under its new Grey Goose Essences belt with an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) installation at Heathrow Airport’s Duty Free, developed by specialist metaverse creative agency Swipe Back.

The brand challenged the agency, which specialises in immersive experiences, to build awareness of its expanding portfolio of products by focusing on sight – the first of the five senses – to create a multisensorial AR experience. The goal is for safety-conscious holiday goers to explore the new flavours in a busy airport environment.

When travellers stand in front of the installation, they see a virtually frosted screen. By using hand gestures they can unveil the bottles of Grey Goose’s new flavours: watermelon & basil, strawberry & lemongrass, and white peach & rosemary. 

Travellers are then asked to select a flavour before the screen displays a plant-covered wall, with flowers taking an augmented 3D shape of the user, reacting to the travellers’ movements and gestures – intensifying the experience of nature. It then displays in-depth information on the new flavours, such as ingredients and the recipe, along with a QR code to Grey Goose’s website.

The campaign is currently live at Heathrow Terminal 5, until 30th April. 

Nikhil Roy, co-founder at Swipe Back, says: “As a category that relies on taste, we’ve worked with Grey Goose to create a multi sensorial experience, but with a particular focus on sight, capturing travellers’ imaginations in a competitive arena like duty free.

“We’re helping to show its range of flavours to travellers through AR technology; making the experience immersive, exciting and transformative, all without needing to touch a screen.

“Grey Goose is already well-established in the drinks category. It’s always exciting to partner with such an adventurous brand on the next stage of its journey as it looks to reach new audiences in new ways.  This really could spell the future of how consumers discover and are inspired by new flavours.”

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