Honey-infused spirits brand The Apiarist launches new rum

The Apiarist Rum

UK based honey-infused spirits brand, The Apiarist, has expanded its core collection with the introduction of a perfectly balanced 100% British rum.  

Created by keen beekeepers, Alex and Natalie Conti, The Apiarist Rum is the brand’s third product line to be released, following the original honey-infused Apiarist Gin (rated ‘Excellent’ in The Gin Guide Awards 2021) and its pink successor, the ‘Forager Edition’, which launched in October 2020 and January 2021 respectively.

The newcomer, which “marries technology and tradition in a perfectly balanced and rich new rum” boasts a smooth, balanced mouthfeel and a soft, lingering honey finish. Containing a subtle yet complex range of aromas including vanilla, almond, light oak and hints of lemon, The Apiarist Rum is rapid aged to the equivalent of a three-year barrel aged rum using the latest innovative technology. 

Blended with the highest quality honey from Alex and Natalie’s very own apiary in the cathedral city of Lichfield, UK, The Apiarist Rum displays a light golden appearance and a round flavour that gives way to a soft and nutty palate, reminiscent of a premium Cuban white rum.  

Alex Conti explained: “After being left with a surplus of honey following an expansion of our home apiary last spring, we embarked on the production of a small batch of honey-infused gin and The Apiarist Gin was born, delivering rich, sweet honey notes balanced with vibrant lemon and dry tea flavours.

“Months later, we created a ‘Forager Edition’ of the spirit, containing the same rich, sweet honey base, but finished with a special ‘forager’s tea’ including blackberries, elderberries, wild strawberry leaves and apple, giving the gin its natural pink hue.

“These two lines have proved hugely popular, and we have been receiving orders from all around the country. To maintain customer interest and demand, we have expanded both our operations and product range with the launch of The Apiarist Rum.”

Bottled at 40% ABV, The Apiarist Rum is available in both a 35cl bottle (RRP £25) and 70cl bottle (RRP £39) from The Apiarist’s online store.

The Apiarist Gin is currently stocked in numerous bars and restaurants across the West Midlands including The Spirit Works, Swinfen Hall, The Trooper, Harborne Kitchen and Michelin starred Purnell’s.

For more information, visit: www.theapiaristdrinks.com

The Apiarist is an award-winning producer and part of a wider environmental project that includes a unique ‘bee forest’, a pollinator-friendly planting scheme, a range of natural honey-infused products and most importantly a sustained effort to promote biodiversity in our community.

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