IFST updates its Information Statement on 3-MCPD, 3-MCPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters

As 3-MCPD continues to be of concern to public health, Institute of Food Science & Technology has updated its Information Statement on 3-MCPD, 3-MCPD Esters and Glycidyl Esters, which provides an overview of those contaminants, covering their formation and occurrence in foods, public health significance, legislation, methods of detection, and industry good practices.

3-MCPD is the most commonly occurring group of contaminants known as chloropropanols. First identified in acid-hydrolysed vegetable protein and soy sauce, it was later found in other foods, often at much higher levels.

3-MCPD and its esters can be formed in heat processed fat-containing foods whereas glycidyl fatty acid esters are processing induced contaminants primarily found in refined fats and oils and foods containing them.

IFST Information Statements summarise the authoritative and impartial science behind key food science issues. They are peer-reviewed by IFST’s Scientific Committee.

For more information and to access the Information Statement, please visit https://www.ifst.org/resources-information-statements/3-monochloropropane-diol-3-mcpd-3-mcpd-esters-and-glycidyl-0.


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