Introducing Twelve Below, 4 x winners of The Spirits Business Drinks Awards

Twelve Below

Pioneering the UK’s first naturally low sugar tonic, Twelve Below sets itself apart from market leading drinks brands. With a driven mindset to shake up and challenge the industry on categorised ‘low sugar’ drinks, Twelve Below wants to generate health conscious awareness through the launch of their own innovative, award-winning tonics. 

Shockingly, traditionally flavoured tonics can contain between 7 – 10g of sugar per 100ml serving; the same as you would find in 100ml of Coca Cola! Even drinks advertised as light, slimline or diet are misconceiving about their sugar content and well-known brands claiming to be ‘low in sugar’, are in fact replacing sugar with cheap sweetener substitutes which pose just as much a risk to our health. 

Founded by friends Ross Smethurst and Melanie McNelly, it is Twelve Below’s bold ambition to break through these misconceptions and develop a new category of mixers and soft drinks where the consumer’s health and knowledge is at the centre of the brand. They aim to challenge the drinks industry on the authenticity of ‘low sugar’ drinks brands, whilst changing the consumers perception that low sugar means taste is compromised. 

Twelve Below are uniquely positioned as the UK’s first 100% all-natural genuinely low sugar tonic, without compromising on taste. Inspired by British fruit flavours and sweetened with a dash of organic agave, their tonics contain 2.5g of natural sugars and have only 12 calories per 100ml serving. They promise great natural flavours and health-conscious drinks which can be paired with a range of spirits or simply enjoyed as a sophisticated standalone drink. 

This month, Twelve Below won four awards at The Spirits Business inaugural Tonic & Mixer Masters. Winning 3 gold awards and 1 silver award for a range of their flavoured tonics, they were the most awarded brand in the light, low-calorie tonic water category. 

Ross Smethurst, Co-founder of Twelve Below said ‘Twelve Below has come a long way in such a short time; we have built a strong consumer following. These awards mean that Twelve Below has finally taken the national stage and our range of low sugar tonics can now become mainstream. We believe that consumers can have healthier drinks without compromising on flavour. We want to be part of that movement in the UK and the rest of the world.’

‘We entered the Spirits Business Tonic and Mixer Masters as we were keen to understand where we rated in the low-calorie tonic market. As the tasting was blind, we felt this would give us a fair reflection of the taste of our range. We are delighted that in a blind tasting, we have won so many medals, as the top tonic range in the low calorie and diet mixers in the UK.’ 

Winners of the GOLD award: 

Rhubarb & Ginger: The unmistakably British taste of earthy rhubarb gently warmed by spicy ginger undertones, the amazing flavours in this drink complement spirits very well but it also works fantastically on its own. 

Pear & Cardamom: Richly decadent pear tonic water with an aromatic cardamom finish, this mixer is perfectly rounded and daringly different 

Apple & Garden Mint: Cool, fresh garden mint with juicy red apple, this tonic is a refreshing fusion of the best homegrown British flavours and adds sparkle to any drink. 

Winner of the Silver award: 

Classic Premium Tonic: Crisp and refreshing with a citrus twist, this delicate flavour profile makes the perfect companion for premium spirits to let them shine through. 

A Spirits Business judge on the panel said: ‘The rhubarb and ginger tonic water is aromatic and light, with flavours of sweet stewed rhubarb on the palate. The Apple and Garden Mint tonic has fresh green apples on the nose, with a touch of peppermint and would be nice in a G&T. Twelve Below’s Pear and Cardamom tonic water is a smooth, fresh and an exciting combination.’ 

Available at Booths, Co-op Midcounties group, Planet Organic and Daylesford

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