Leading Restaurant Chain Teams up with Technology Company to Create Restaurant Fit for the Post Pandemic World

The Alchemist

As government restrictions lift and the hospitality sector plans the reopening of its indoor spaces on May 17th, one innovative bar & restaurant chain is going a step further to ensure its staff and customers are kept safe.

The Alchemist bar and restaurants, which are located in 17 locations in major cities across the UK, have teamed up with specialist Nano technology company LiquidNano to establish precautionary disinfection measures fit for the post pandemic world.

Management at The Alchemist invited the experts at LiquidNano to undertake a full assessment of their restaurants spaces with a view to installing best in class products and protocols to eliminate viral pathogens and reduce the threat of contact transmission of the coronavirus.

Now staff at all restaurant locations are using ‘Steri-Wipe’ surface cleaners which leave behind an invisible nano-coating that releases a disinfectant slowly over a period of days to eliminate pathogens which survive on all surfaces such as tables and chairs, computer cutlery, screens, tills and tablets.

The active ingredient in Steri-Wipe, which is also available as a spray, is a trusted disinfectant called Bacoban. Its properties have been verified by The German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) at the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene in Hanover.

Steri-Wipe contain a gel to create an invisible film of liquid glass that is 500 times thinner than a human hair, which kills bacteria and viruses, including envelope viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 (which causes Covid-19). This provides long term protection to all touch areas.

Hannah Plumb, Culture and Talent Director at The Alchemist commented: “Although we use the products to sanitise our equipment for our customers, our staff have also used them on their phones, host equipment and handheld Ipods/pads used for service.”

Andy Middleton, co-founder of LiquidNano said: “Conventional disinfectants are effective immediately but only for a short period. With the application of the LiquidNano TM coating, a super thin layer of anti-pathogen Nano scale liquid glass technology is deposited on the surface. After drying, this active layer will continue to kill the pathogens which are deposited on the surfaces for up to 10 days.”

The antimicrobial wipes are designed to close a ‘hygiene gap’ that experts warn can enable pathogens to survive on high touch surfaces which are so common in restaurants for up to 28 days.

Staff at The Alchemist have also been issued with self-sterilising antimicrobial eco-friendly face masks, designed to be worn comfortably for long periods, which reduce the risk of contact transmission. The fabric of the masks contains a unique invisible coating called DiOX 4 which is believed to kill COVID-19 and is supported by a study by the University of Cambridge which found that 95% of the viral pathogens introduced to the fabric surface of the mask were killed within one hour and almost 100% after four hours.

For further information contact Gary Thompson at gary@kbapr.com or Melanie Faldo melanie@kbapr.com

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