Luxury gin brand to raise funds in support of refugees fleeing Ukraine

A luxury gin brand with ties to the golfing industry has pledged its support to international charity, Oxfam, with plans to raise a 6-figure donation for its Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. 

Officially launched in spring 2021 by Italian entrepreneur, Giorgio Cozzolino, Old Tom Gin 1821 is distilled using the finest Sicilian ingredients and symbolises a harmonious marriage between Giorgio’s Italian homeland and his love for Scotland, where he has resided for the last five years. 

Having worked closely with multiple Ukrainian businesses in the development and launch of the Old Tom Gin brand – both in the design of the original bottle and in the design, print and delivery of the bottle labels – Giorgio is now donating £20 from the sale of each bottle to Oxfam’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which could result in a £100,000 fund for the cause if all 5,000 stocked bottles are sold. 

Giorgio Cozzolino confirmed: “The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is becoming more and more concerning by the day, with millions of people who have either fled or are still within the country desperate for food, water and clothing. 

Having worked closely with several Ukrainian businesses in the development of Old Tom Gin, I wanted to find a way in which we could raise funds to support them and their communities who now find themselves in an increasingly desperate situation. It, therefore, seems fitting that we can raise funds through the very product they helped us create, and through such a well-known and credible organisation as Oxfam.” 

Oxfam is part of the Disasters Emergency Committee [DEC], which comprises of 15 member charities who are all experts in humanitarian aid – including The Red Cross and Save the Children. 

The money raised will support Oxfam and its partner organisations to respond, and could provide individuals with essential items, like food, water, and clothing – whilst helping vulnerable families keep themselves safe and clean from disease with the provision of hygiene equipment. 

Discussing Old Tom Gin’s 6-figure pledge to the Oxfam Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, Danny Sriskandarajah, Chief Executive of Oxfam GB said:

“We’re very grateful to Old Tom’s Gin for its support for people fleeing devastating conflict in Ukraine. As humanitarian needs continue to grow, the money raised will help Oxfam and partner organisations in Eastern Europe to provide vital support to people who have already lost so much to stay warm, fed and healthy.”

Bottled at 43% ABV, Old Tom Gin 1821 is priced at £49 bottle and is available to purchase from the brand’s dedicated eCommerce store. For each bottle sold, £20 will be donated to Oxfam’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

For more information, visit:

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