Make your drinks at home amazing with the world’s best garnish – Fruits for Drinks


Home cocktails are booming – now you can complete the perfect drinks experience with Fruits for Drinks freeze dried garnishes

Fruits for Drinks is making lockdown life tastier, more adventurous, bring theatre and always perfect with their amazing freeze-dried fruit garnishes for the home drinks experience.

Lockdowns have created an explosion in the drink-at-home arena – with pictures of home bars and expertly-crafted drinks popping up on Instagram constantly, and more and more people knowing how to make the perfect Negroni or a superb Old Fashioned.

Grocers are reporting an explosion in sales of all spirits and ready mixed (RTD) cocktails as consumers desperately attempt to improve their drinks experiences in the home in these challenging times. Consumers are constantly searching for ways to add a touch of luxury and make their drinks more interesting and more Instagrammable.

Fruits for Drinks, a Hertfordshire-based freeze-dried drinks garnish company, is here to save the day for home mixologists and cocktails enthusiasts, to ensure every drink is the perfect experience for them. 

David Ross of Fruits for Drinks says: “Fruits for Drinks is here so consumers can enjoy the perfect drink all the time. The idea came from liking a G&T at home but often being stopped by having a hard, dry, half used brown lime in the fridge rather than a delicious, zesty and bursting-with-flavour piece for fruit. We knew there had to be a way to make this happen for us and everyone who likes a nice-looking and great-tasting drink at home – and not by using horrible, brown dehydrated fruit which adds no flavour and looks unappealing. So we source fruit – we follow the fruit season around the world – freeze-dry it and package it. So now everyone can have the chance of enjoying their perfect drink at home with a great fruit garnish”.

Why is freeze-dried best?

  • Nothing added, just water removed
  • Long Shelf life 
  • Unique key talking point 
  • Theatre in the Glass 
  • Consistent Servings 
  • Easy storage in the cupboard

What makes Fruits for Drinks special, different and excellent? 

  • Fruits for Drinks doesn’t need refrigeration like fresh fruit
  • Fruits for Drinks can be stored in the same way as a bag of pasta
  • Fruits for Drinks weighs 85% less than fresh, so it is lighter to transport therefore reducing carbon emissions
  • Fruits for Drinks reduces waste – less manky fruit being thrown in the bin
  • 100% natural fruit, nothing added, just water removed
  • All nutrients perfectly preserved – no deterioration

Is it a more sustainable alternative to any other garnish?

Yes! Because:

  • There is no waste. Zero
  • Freeze-drying ensures more of each fruit is used for drinks serving and the rest is used by the food flavouring industry
  • Freeze-dried fruit weighs approximately 85% less than fresh, reducing carbon emissions
  • No need to refrigerate, keep in your cupboard for up to 2 years.

Fruits for Drinks is available in a number of retailers, online and bricks and mortar, including Amazon and Drinksupermarket for £7.99 and there are six fruits in the Fruits for Drinks range – blueberry, lemon, lime, orange, strawberry and raspberry.

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