MasterChef finalist hire marks new era for organic food firm

The worlds of food and TV have collided as a former MasterChef finalist has joined Equals Health, the frozen organic food company headed by a former Apprentice star.

David Rickett, who reached the finals of MasterChef 2020, has launched his own meal range with Equals Health, the organic-first meal firm headed by former Apprentice star Harrison Jones.

The range will complement Equals Health’s mission to provide high quality, healthy, on-the-go meals by “bringing a little bit of the MasterChef magic” to the comfort of homes across the country with a range aptly dubbed ‘Equals Health By David Rickett’. Speaking of his range, Rickett said:

“My aim is to help Equals Health become the market leading brand in healthy prepared meals. This new range of dishes not only taste amazing, but they look incredible too. Every single meal is packed full of delicious organic ingredients and that’s really reflected in the taste, they’re absolutely bursting with flavour . 

“The organic/sustainability concept combined with a fresh & vibrant take on frozen meals is exactly what the market needs, and I feel that with the support of Equals Health, we’ve created something really game changing!” 

A story of passion and dedication, David Rickett took up cooking only a few years before entering the competition which saw him reach the final. During his time in the competition Rickett faced culinary challenges such as making food for over a hundred naval officers on the HMS Diamond navy ship as well as for Michelin-star chef Tom Kitchin .

It’s this passion and dedication which makes him the perfect pairing for Apprentice candidate Harrison Jones. On joining forces with Rickett, Jones said:

“I’m delighted to have David on the Equals Health team. His natural flare for cooking is evident, and he’s really helped us to level up what we’re able to offer our customers. 

“Not only has he added his touch of masterchef magic to our existing range of meals, but he’s also designed his own range of meals, which he took complete creative lead on, which are just delicious and really help to take our offering up a notch. Our goal has always been to change how people see ready meals, and I cannot wait for people to try these – they’re next level!”

Equals Health was launched shortly after Jones left the 2017 season of The Apprentice as a fully certified organic business, recognised by major organic charity The Soil Association. 

Having developed significantly since its inception, Equals Health is delighted to be coinciding the launch of the ‘By David Rickett’ range with the launch of their brand new website. 

To see the freshly relaunched Equals Health website with the David Rickett’s exclusive range and much more, click here.

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