Mexicana® Extra Hot to launch in Sainsbury’s on 10 October

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Supermarket giant to feature spicy cheese in pre-packed sections for first time

The spicier version of the UK’s number one spicy cheese is set to become more widely available as Sainsbury’s prepares to stock the cheese in the pre-pack section of 387 of its stores across the country.

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Mexicana® Extra Hot is the much satisfyingly spicier alternative to Mexicana® original. It fuses smooth high-quality British cheese and an abundance of fiery very hot chillies, jalapeno and bell peppers and an exotic spice mix.

Mexicana® Extra Hot cheese is perfect to add a fiesta feel to your favourite meal. It can be grated and melted on to nachos or sliced and placed into a tortilla wrap for a fiery accompaniment to chicken fajitas. It also adds extra spice, depth and a lot of fiery flavour when it is melted on to jacket potatoes, into sauces or soups or stirred through pasta. It is ideal served with a Mexican beer, cider, tequila cocktail or a cooling white wine or lemonade.

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Lisa Harrison, Senior Brand Manager for Mexicana®, said: “Our Mexicana® brand has gone from strength to strength and we are over the moon that Sainsbury’s will be featuring Mexicana® Extra Hot in its stores across the UK.

“Britons’ love of spicy food shows no sign of abating and for people who really want to add that kick to their home-cooked meals, Mexicana® Extra Hot is the perfect complement.

“With three Mexicana® brands – Mexicana®, Mexicana® Extra Hot and Mexicana® Vegan – stocked in multiple supermarkets throughout the country, we love watching how the brand appeals to a wider population.” 

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Sainsbury’s cheese buyer Amy Nicholls said: “Mexicana® Extra Hot has performed really well on our delis, so we thought it was about time that we made this great product more visible to a wider audience. We are really optimistic that Mexicana® Extra Hot will perform well.”

Mexicana® Extra Hot will RRP at £2.25 for 200g wedges in 387 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK from 10 October.

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About Mexicana®

  • Mexicana® Extra Hot is the level-up spicier cousin of the UK’s number one spicy cheese Mexicana® and features very hot chillies and peppers.
  • Mexicana® is the UK’s second major cheese brand to launch a vegan cheeze alternative.
  • Mexicana®, Mexicana® Extra Hot and Mexicana® Vegan are part of the portfolio of cheese brands from Norseland, the UK’s number one speciality cheese company
    • Jarlsberg® UK’s No.1 Deli Cheese with Holes*
    • Ilchester® UK’s leading blended and snacking cheese supplier
    • Applewood®, the UK’s leading smoky cheese
    • Applewood® Vegan
    • Mexicana® Vegan
    • Ilchester® Vegan Blue
    • Ilchester® Melting Mature

For further information on Mexicana® visit

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