National Flexible Customer Survey 2021 results

Well, there’s been plenty of them going on at Team Nat Flex lately!

The results of our annual Customer Survey are in and we are absolutely chuffed to bits!  Here’s what our customers had to say…

As a thank you for taking the time to complete the short survey we have a prize draw. This years winners have been advised and they are,

Winner of a case of fine wines is Jason E

Magnum winners are Denise L, Richard F and Kelly B

The results of our annual Customer Survey are in and we are absolutely chuffed to bits!  Here’s what our customers had to say…

We take the results of our Customer Survey very seriously and welcome the opinions of our customers on performance, whatever they may be.

We have included all of the comments from the 2021 survey and invite you to read what our customers thought and felt about the performance of our business and people throughout a very difficult year.

Amazing service provided by National Flexible. The support offered by Kim and her team is exceptional and is a massive part of why we have been so successful.

Nat Flex’s team always go above and beyond to help us deliver our growth plans. The reliable and friendly service is always great.

Performance is outstanding, always deliver as and when requested, very helpful customer service.

Another year of good all-round performance. National are a solid supplier. Please continue to keep the team updated on market news and developments as this will greatly assist with achieving our sustainability targets. National Flexible’s personnel are all great to work with, always very helpful – great teamwork.

Once again, I am happy to say that from my teams point of view, I hear very little noise from or about National Flexible, which in itself is a massive compliment to them, particularly in these challenging times! Service is smooth and consistent. Sales team, in particular our account champion are friendly and professional and always go the extra mile to assist. Stocks are reviews regularly and in place when required – thanks again National Team for great service.

Great supplier, consistent reliable performance and very helpful

So far my experience of NatFlex is an excellent one. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The fast responses are much appreciated and I really appreciate the way Robyn and Ben seem to know what I’m looking for sometimes even before I do!

Nat Flex have delivered under difficult times.

The overall performance of Nat Flex as a supplier to this business is second to none. It is imperative that we have a film supplier of the very highest quality who shares our expectancy and standards within the industry. Nat Flex are able to achieve this and its refreshing to have a supplier whom is willing to work with you and I hope the working relationship continues.

Great performance, given the challenges that we’ve both had to deal with. The team looking after us (George, Ben and Dave) always on the front foot, trying to improve our offering. Challenges on costs and transport, but I think together we’ve worked through that and hopefully more to come with you as a business with the gel line and helping us achieve our own B Corp status

Quality and reliability are key to us and you always deliver against this and never any issues against our key needs, thanks as always Team Nat Flex. I recall just the one ‘issue’ on taping inside reels which was investigated and explained promptly and honestly. Simon supports us extremely well as always and always great to know he is on top of our stocks and flags any potential flags, great job Simon, thanks.

Great staff, quick responses

We have received great help from both Ben and Elliot throughout this past year in regard to working towards sustainable products. Nothing has been too much for them to help us with.

Sam is a credit to your business, a support, a help and a friendly voice who cares passionately for her customers! Ben – always there to lend a hand too and provides great support, exceptional knowledge and experience!

Helpful, reliable service, quality products.

Excellent performance throughout the challenge of COVID. As a target we need to find a cost effective front of store recyclable alternative to extend 28OPP-EVOH. Also, Simon is great (he said I would get champers if I say this).

I always enjoy working with the team at Nat Flex as they are extremely helpful and always go out of their way for us. We will look to book a team training day to help show what more can be done to become carbon positive.

Always an excellent service from Simon and the team. Thank you for all your help.

Supply is managed smoothly, no issues which is significant during current climate

We have had a great rapport with National Flexible. Sam Wood always goes above and beyond to make sure we have stock that we ask for – but well done all your Team!


Nat Flex is a pleasure to deal with, quick response and reliable  supply. Not much else we can ask

Very happy with the quality, service and customer service by Joshua and Ben

Difficult year – generally a good performance

Sam is good at her job, very personable, straight to the point, if she doesn’t know the answer she finds it. We value her support

As always a very proactive year of sales and support, working together to try and minimise on costs. Excellent service.

I have marked film stock service lower than usual due to stock error this year which has led to an overstock. With regards to the issues due to Covid/Brexit – we have had to order more stock earlier than usual, which we have done. Whilst this has left us in a good place with stock, it has increased our stock holding here, I would have liked Nat Flex to offer to hold stock for longer than the agreed 6 months. Alessio is very efficient and a pleasure to work with. Great response and willingness to work on issues trying to find pragmatic solutions. Wish more suppliers were that responsive!

Excellent, and I like what you are doing re sustainability and being “greener”

Always very helpful and fast responses on all queries. Pleasure to deal with

I am very happy with Sam as my point of contact. Any issues are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Ben and Elliot always come back to questions quickly and with just the right levels of detail and information. They have a wealth of knowledge and have worked hard to support us on our development of new design options

I had a very good experience in last year working with Ben and Elliot. They were extremely helpful, quick with response, always returning to the call and advising o all sort of packaging and recyclability information.

Good but I think hindered by issues relating to supply

National Flexible has achieved 100% score for on time full service delivery and quality performance. Alessio and James have also went beyond meeting customer service target. I would like to thank both of them informing me regularly about market situation and bringing solution to minimize impact on cost increases.

Overall good, however, we have had some colour variance issues and delayed shipments. I believe we can utilise the stocking service more effectively, to improve supply and overall service. Something to look at how we work better together in 2022

Excellent response from the team with questions to product performance and improving quality issues. No avenue of concern was overlooked and a satisfying outcome to all parties achieved

Generally happy with the service provided in what has been a challenging year

Communication can be difficult at times, especially with complaints and stock quantities. Various issues with paperwork and labelling which needs addressing to completely rule out further complaints for the same issues.


Very helpful, hardly any issues, lead times could be better.

Cant fault, especially in these uncertain times

Not the cheapest but great service, and customer service. We had an issue with some film and replacement stock was sent out straight away and the faulty stock uplifted without any dramas. In terms of 2022 more help and advice would be greatly beneficial on how we can tackle the plastic tax better and improve sustainability for all of us, you the manufacturer, us and for our customers and the end user.

Exceptional service from the team, especially considering a lot of questions have been answered so thoroughly and quickly when business being discussed is not even launched yet. Very pleased with service and will continue to use National Flexible.

Fantastic service, always there to help out in the event of an emergency

Current marketing conditions are dictating buying patterns and sadly NF can suffer as they are not the cheapest, despite a generally good service

Generally good – main issue is long lead times and quantities on reprints

Good quality, excellent customer service and reliable delivery times. We are very satisfied with you as a supplier

Performance is great, prices are the issue

Help us a lot when suddenly faced with a supply problem

No suggestions for any improvements.

Suzy has always provided us with fantastic service and expertly rides the lines between too much unnecessary contact and making sure we’re fully informed about the market circumstances complete with advisory plans to ensure stock fulfilment

No complaints with the service provided by Nat Flex and Alessio in particularly as our contact is great to deal with

For the most part, very good, particularly lately. Simon Waite and Elliot Thorn are very helpful.

Done a fab job considering difficulties with covid , supply and demand. Very helpful – sorry cannot comment on value for money as I only buy this from you and have no experience with other film suppliers

Suzy is great, first class customer service

Kim is so helpful and quick to respond to any of my emails and orders usually always come on time with no problems.

Another year of great service by Nat Flex. We did have one issue with film quality earlier in the year which was most unusual but thanks to the hard work and help from Kim, we managed to work through it and the replacement film is back up the quality we have always expected in the past. At every point after the film issue had been identified, Kim kept us informed on the progress made and ensured that we never run out of stock. We cannot fault the service from Kim and the team this year.

Very good

10 out of 10

Great business, delivery side and labelling issues do cause issues to our business and its compliance to BRC. Silly things like booking in etc. or a part code not being on a label. Otherwise, a great supplier

Good service, willingness to help and find solutions, not the most cost competitive. Good options for PCW available

Always very helpful and responsive to requests

Great supplier. Very knowledgeable and approachable sales contact. We get lots of different material / size enquiries for potential customers for which Elliot supplies the information or a solution. A lot of our potential clients are small producers, sometimes your MOQ’s make film prohibitive – is there something that could be done about this? It would help to know more about more recycled / recyclable films that you could provide. Other than this an excellent service would recommend Nat Flex to an client. 

Initial problems with the film not sealing threatened to halt production on our MAP line. From raising the issue with Ben and Sam they have provided us with good support to resolve the problems, managing to source alternative film to keep the factory running. It could have been a disaster but it wasn’t.

Great customer service – Sam Wood

Sam is first class. Really helpful and friendly and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for making a terrible 2021 easier!

Sachets were a new development for our business and the team at NF helped guide us through the process of specifying what it was that we actually needed. We are still in the early stages of development with the packaging and may need to call upon your assistance again. Although lead times are relatively long and the sign off procedure quite laborious. Once completed deliveries arrived on time and in full without issues.

We have a long standing relationship with Nat Flex which shows loyalty over many years. Long may this continue.

Great service received from Sam, we had a customer who needed film, a quick notice Sam and the team really supported this and made it easy.


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