Nestlé Cereals has announced the launch of a new campaign for its core brand CHEERIOS® as it looks to give British families an opportunity to help ‘Save the Bees’ and receive a free mini box of CHEERIOS® sunflower seeds. The seeds will be posted directly to consumers’ doorsteps to raise awareness of the challenges facing bees, while also encouraging families to plant the seeds to help supply bees with vital feeding grounds they need to flourish in the wild.

Around a third of bees are in decline in the UK due to habitat loss, climate change, disease and the use of pesticides.[1] The ‘Save the Bees’ campaign supports CHEERIOS® new partnership with The Bee Friendly Trust, a charity dedicated to creating habitats for honey bees to thrive. The move marks the brand’s commitment to the protection of the UK honey bee population – the world’s most important pollinator of food crops – in line with its brand purpose to create more positive energy in the world.

The new campaign also follows the launch of a new visual identity for the brand in February, which features modern and fresh new packaging artwork to amplify CHEERIOS® simple goodness in line with its family appeal.

Toby Baker, Regional Marketing Director UKA – Nestlé Cereals: “As a business, our promise is to make breakfast better as well as doing our bit to help protect the planet. Bee populations are declining, and without the honey bees we wouldn’t be able to make our family favourite Honey CHEERIOS®.

“It’s widely believed that as many as 1 in 3 mouthfuls of food consumed by humans could depend on bees[2]. This is why we are proud to be playing our part in protecting the homes of honey bees and the vital role they play in our ecosystem in partnership with the Bee Friendly Trust. We know families care about this too, and we believe positive energy puts all good things in motion. Our ‘Save the Bees’ campaign gives families a fun platform to help reverse the decline of the honey bee population, whilst also raising awareness more broadly for the challenges facing bees in the UK.”

The on-pack campaign is also supported by digital consumer activations online. This includes a dedicated website with articles on how to plant the CHEERIOS® sunflower seeds, and information on the Bee Friendly Trust’s work. Nestlé Cereals social media channels will also be sharing bee crafting ideas for children, as well as running a creative competition.

The new ‘Save the Bees’ digital campaign launches online today. The new on-pack designs featuring ‘Save the Bees’ codes can already be found on shelves at all retailers in the UK.

To find out more about the Bee Friendly Trust you can visit their website:

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