Food handling product news from Dolav Innovation at FoodEx

New at the show

Food handling product news from Dolav Innovation at FoodEx

  • Detectable plastic
  • Permanently built-in hygiene
  • Hygienic folding pallet box for food
  • Easy colour coding with nine standard colours

Dolav has two new options for its plastic pallet boxes and a new hygienic folding pallet box for food processors.

First time at FoodEx for Dolav with innovative product developments.

New: Foreign object detection of Dolav plastic is enabled by magnetic material particles added to Dolav HDPE in production.

Plastic foreign object detection. Dolav plastic can now be detected by standard food processing metal detectors. This is a welcome solution to avoid foreign objects in food products. Dolav achieves this by adding magnetic material particles of HDPE during box manufacture.  The effectiveness is convincingly demonstrated by a 5mm cube of Dolav plastic, containing magnetic particles, placed between processed meat slices. It is detected instantly. This is even better than the FDA guidelines on detecting foreign objects of a 7mm cube or greater in food products. See demo video clip at o

New: Built-in hygiene with a mineral, added in manufacture, helps with permanent protection from microbial contamination for the life of the Dolav.

Built-in hygiene. Dolav antimicrobial box pallets give the benefits of modern hygiene technology. The added mineral protects against contamination from microbes at any stage of the supply chain.  It can reduce microbial load by 99.99% and can reduce cross-contamination. It helps to keep surfaces hygienic from microbial contamination while also reducing the need to use aggressive cleaning chemicals. This continuous antimicrobial protection can increase food shelf life. It is constantly at work; during transportation, food packaging and while processing. It lasts the life of the Dolav and for some users; boxes last longer than 30 years.

New: Hygienic Dolav DFLC, a folding large container (FLC) is designed for the food industry and seen as The Folding Dolav Ace. It can include both of the two new options.

One or both in a Dolav. As options for rigid or folding Dolav pallet boxes, these introductions add modern, technical innovation benefits to the already proven performance of Dolavs. This is in addition to Campden BRI confirming that the Dolav Ace has, “Hygienic design.”
Hygienic folding pallet box. Campden BRI has also confirmed the new Dolav folding pallet box, the DFLC, “Follows good hygienic principles.”
Food handling product news from Dolav Innovation at FoodEx

The hygienic, heavy-duty Dolav DFLC can have solid or perforated sides and base


This newly available, Dolav has been dubbed ‘The Folding Ace’. It is designed specifically for the food industry and is made of just five separate one-piece mouldings, a base and four sides. They are separated in seconds for machine washing and are reassembled as fast. Designed to be hygienic and heavy-duty, the Dolav DFLC stacks, tips, folds and holds 750kg in 600 litres. See video at:


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