NEW Huel Pasta Bolognese: a plant-based, 100% nutritionally complete version of the Italian classic

  • All Bolognese, no beef: 100% nutritionally complete, plant-based Pasta Bolognese launches from Huel
  • A rich and hearty Italian classic with penne pasta and a warming tomato sauce, containing 26 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Ready in just five minutes, enjoy the family favourite made even easier

Huel’s brand-new 100% nutritionally complete, plant-based Pasta Bolognese now means you can enjoy the comfort of healthy home cooking in a matter of minutes. Available exclusively from, Huel Pasta Bolognese is made with real penne pasta in a rich and delicious tomato sauce, with both authentic flavour and real nutrition in mind.

At just £2.66 per meal and 400kcal a serving, Huel Pasta Bolognese is a healthier, modern twist on the everyday classic made easier. Perfect as a convenient lunch or dinner, you can rustle up this innovative take on a Brit family favourite in just 5 minutes with 200ml of boiling water. The new product is both cost-effective and time-efficient, ideal for those with busy schedules who crave the hearty indulgence of classic Italian food, with complete nutrition guaranteed.

Including 25 grams of plant-based protein per serving, Huel Pasta Bolognese is suitable for vegans and is a great source of fibre. It’s a plant-based Bolognese that actually tastes like Bolognese, ensuring not to compromise on flavour or texture while providing your body with the 26 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. 

The UK is the largest market for plant-based protein in Europe, driven by the younger population turning to alternatives to animal protein in an effort to reduce meat intake and support the environment (source). The UK plant protein market is projected to attain a total market value of US$929.523 million in 2025 (source), and by adding a plant-based version of an everyday favourite to Huel’s growing range, the brand’s ambition is to further support the growth of this market.

Huel Pasta Bolognese joins the line-up of hugely successful nutritionally complete products at, including a range of Hot & Savoury meals, ready-to-drink shakes, powders and bars. The new product is an easy and convinient solution for those looking to make sustainable choices by switching to plant-based meals to reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on taste or nutrition.

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