New London HQ for leading Lithuanian food producer

Retailers interested in stocking leading Lithuanian food brands will be pleased to hear that Zemaitijos Pienas has now opened a UK base in central London.  

The office will provide a local liaison point for the company’s most popular brands, including Džiugas, Pik-Nik, Magija and Germanto.  Zemaitijos Pienas is Lithuania’s leading dairy business and has an excellent track record for both traditional hard cheese and innovations such as the Pik-Nik sticks, a peelable mozzarella stick and Magija dessert bar made from soft curd and bitter chocolate.   

To underline its commitment to the UK market even further, the sales team has been expanded too, with permanent staff based in the UK.  They will provide the local liaison point for buyers, providing marketing support and sales initiatives. This new operation opens up an immediate level of service to businesses interested in discovering new and interesting products made to the highest standards.  The Zemaitijos Pienas range offer an invaluable opportunity to tap into the growing market for Eastern European food as well as offering innovative new products to British shoppers.

Grated Džiugas is a new cheese sensation from Lithuania.  There is an extra dimension to grated Džiugas, from its excellent aroma to the depth of flavour it adds to any dish.  It will enrichen sauces, lift salads and add a gourmet touch to bakes, flans and pastas. It is obvious why Džiugas is prized in its native Lithuania as the equivalent of cheese gold! Suitable for vegetarians.

Pik-Nik cheese sticks are the fun way to eat mozarella cheese and an ideal product for snacking.  Each Pik-Nik pack contains four cheese sticks. To ensure they are kept in perfect condition each Pik-Nik cheese stick is individually wrapped, ready to be added to lunch boxes or shared out between friends and family.  

A curd sensation – the new Magija dessert bar opens up a whole new area of interest for cheese lovers.  Put alongside cheesecake as a delicious sweet treat, Magija is made of fresh curd with a smooth creamy taste that is irresistible when counter-balance with a quality dark bitter chocolate coating

Germanto’s spicy cheese cubes are the perfect ingredient to keep in the fridge to enliven every day meals.  Add into a cheese flan, grilled vegetables or a raw salad for a really filling way of lifting a meal to be something special.  Made from fresh milk with no artificial flavours or preservatives.


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