New Research Reveals: Many Shoppers Are Prepared To Spend More On Food Products That Are Cruelty Free & Sustainable

Cruelty Free

Not only are shoppers becoming more aware of how their choices impact animal welfare and the environment; they are also prepared to pay more for food and drink products that guarantee this.

New research by the consumer brands business Ceuta Group has found that 45% of people would spend more money on food and drink that is advertised as “cruelty-free”, whilst 30% of people would pay more for products that are branded as “sustainable”.

Ceuta Group, who has worked with a variety of major food brands, surveyed 1,000 people to discover how the wording of vegetarian and vegan products might affect consumers’ shopping choices.

As part of the study, they asked consumers which food product appealed to them the most: meat-free sausages, vegan sausages, sustainable sausages, cruelty-free sausages or plant-based sausages. The most popular choice was “cruelty-free” and the second most popular choice was “sustainable”.

However, the most surprising insight from Ceuta Group’s research was that many shoppers said they would be prepared to actually spend more on food and drink that was advertised as sustainable and cruelty free.

Annette D’Abreo, Ceuta Healthcare’s managing director, said: “Consumers are paying more attention to what they put on their bodies and in their bodies when thinking about health, beauty, food and drink. This seismic change is forcing brand owners to think differently.”

“Sustainability, ethically sourced ingredients, plastic reduction and carbon footprint are hot topics facing brands, and healthier choices are now at the forefront of the shopper’s minds.”

Adele Halsall, vegan blogger and activist who writes for Everything’s Peachy, said: “The UK government recently declared a climate emergency. A huge part of this has been down to animal agriculture, which is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, after fossil fuels.

“Many logical-minded people. especially environmentalists, cannot conceivably go on eating animals knowing that it is largely responsible for the dangerous state we are in.”

Ceuta Group’s research was launched after the European Parliament decided that the names of vegetarian food products should be revised. The committee proposed that veggie burgers should be renamed “veggie discs” whilst other foods like veggie sausages might be renamed “veggie tubes”.

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