Our Favourite Cooking Knives To Prepare The Most Delicious Meals

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or you’re someone who enjoys cooking a lot without taking it too seriously, using the right knife can be crucial for the outcome of your dish.

Have you ever tried chopping a tomato with a carving knife? Let’s hope not, because you would have quickly found out that this is absolutely not a great match. Or cutting meat with a bread knife – ouch. Not the way to go, especially if you want to be taken seriously by your fellow cooks. In today’s blog, we are going to run you through our favourite cooking knives that help us to prepare a delicious meal with success.

How Do I Pick The Right Knife?

So you may be wondering – how do I actually know what knife I should be using? It can be quite overwhelming to stand in a shop with kitchen utensils if you have no idea what you’re looking for. All different sorts of cooking knives tend to have a different blade, which helps you to cut the food they are meant for with ease. After all, it’s very different to cut a slice of steak than cutting a vegetable. If you’re unsure where to start, you can take a Knife Quiz to get you in the right direction. A few simple questions about your cooking experiences, preferred method of cooking and your desired style of knife – and you’ve got your answer!

But to highlight a few of the best knives for cooking, we are going to highlight the chef’s knife, santoku knife and utility knife.

What Is A Chef’s Knife?

A chef’s knife is the perfect solution for you if you’re looking for an all-round kitchen knife. If you’re new to cooking, or simply like the ease of using one knife for all meals, the chef’s knife will be your best match. With its broad, tack-sharp blade, a chef’s knife is perfect for a large variety of uses. Whether you’re cutting vegetables, meat or fish – it can all be done with a chef’s knife, which can be used for light butchery, carving and vegetable preparation.

Santoku Knife For More Agility

The santoku knife is lighter and more agile than the chef’s knife, which makes it a very practical yet effective knife to use around the kitchen. The fact that it’s lighter, doesn’t mean it won’t perform well in the kitchen. The santoku knife is still robust enough for meat, fish and vegetable preparation. With its straight edge and so-called ‘sheeps foot’ blade, the santoku knife is perfect for mincing, dicing and slicing. Originally designed to perform in the Japanese kitchen – these knives are perfect for more experienced chefs who are looking for a customisable, agile knife. 

Utility Knife For Professional Chefs

The next knife we’re going to highlight is mostly used in professional kitchens. So if you’re a chef who is looking for a new multi-use blade: pay close attention. The utility knives at Katto are their smallest and most nimble blade, which are specifically designed for intricate board work. If you’re looking for a knife that is perfect for fish butchery and cutting herbs, we recommend opting for a utility knife. It’s still a multi-use knife which makes it practical, and it’s one of our favourite because of its versatility and agility. 


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