Rollagranola sets fresh targets for Primrose’s Kitchen with recent acquisition

Exciting buy-out signals a new direction for the British breakfast brand

Rollagranola are committed to expanding their share of the fine foods breakfast market with the  recent acquisition of British muesli brand, Primrose’s Kitchen.  

The purchase has come at a perfect time for Rollagranola following a record year across the retail,  wholesale, white label and zero waste elements of the business. 

Commenting on the purchase, Founder and Director Robin  Longden said:

“We bought Primrose’s Kitchen because we  love its values and ethos. The product is distinct, healthy  and tasty, with a focus on quality – chiming perfectly with our ability to get brilliant healthy food into the bowls of the  British public. We are committed to using our broad  breakfast cereal expertise to put the brand on shelf in all  major outlets.”  

The purchase included existing stock, mobilisation of the brand, update of packaging, product innovation and IP,  with additional investment going into the launch of two  exciting new granolas – Orange & Cashew and Chocolate & CBD.  

The full range from Primrose’s Kitchen

Robin said:

“Our intention wasn’t to change the direction of the brand. Moreover, we wanted to  make the current formulas the absolute best they could be by doubling the veg, bringing in  magnesium-rich Tiger Nuts and increasing the pack size to 400g. The introduction of the two NPD’s  will complement the existing range and bring in some exciting flavour combinations that tick the box  for the contemporary consumer, bringing good value product back on the shelf and in baskets  again.” He added: “The focus on fruit and veg (and the expertise this engenders) has added to our capability  and understanding of potential ingredients, stimulating additional creativity in how these can be used and developed. We are excited, not just for what we can do for Primroses’ Kitchen, but the  knock-on effect for Rollagranola too.” 

Primarily, the team will be focused on respectfully re-engaging with the Primroses’ Kitchen customer  base with plans to activate fresh marketing communications that re-acquaint them with the brand.  

Longer term, the team will work with fine food wholesale distributors, Cotswold Fayre, Suma Wholefoods, The Health Food Store, Infinity and CLF to re-establish a presence for Primrose’s  Kitchen on the shelves of independent health food stores, supermarkets and retailers across the UK.  

“We believe good sales starts with good product and we are committed to manufacturing a great  tasting and great value food with distinctive flavours and vibrant colours”, said Robin.  

“The origins of our brands are firmly aligned. Primrose started her business to make healthy food  that she would eat herself, our motivation was the same and so we feel we have excellent credentials  to really build the brand as a force for better, healthier food for all,” he added. 

The full range: 
• Porridge Oats 
• Beetroot & Ginger Muesli 
• Carrot, Apple & Cinnamon Muesli 
• Fig and Apricot Bircher Muesli 
• Chocolate & CBD Granola 
• Orange & Cashew Granola 

The full range will launch online in mid-July with retailers to be announced shortly.

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