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Made with the finest responsibly-sourced Madagascan cocoa, crafted by expert Belgian chocolatiers, and sweetened with a touch of coconut sugar, these really are no ordinary chocolate chips! 

So it all started with a chocolatey dilemma. Award-winning lower sugar pioneers, Nibble, needed  delicious, refined sugar-free 80%+ chocolate chips for their new clean, keto-friendly range. But they  didn’t want to compromise on ingredients by using chocolate sweetened with stomach-upsetting sugar  alcohols or metallic-tasting stevia.  

Instead Nibble was on a mission to find amazing-tasting vegan dark chocolate chips, sweetened with nutritionist-recommended coconut sugar, and containing no more than 17% sugars (most standard dark chocolate chips are 40%+ sugar). They scoured the globe and just couldn’t find  what they were after. So they had to make their own. 

Nibble bites
Nibble Bites

And if you know anything about chocolate-making, not to mention chocolate chip production, you know just how audacious this was! And we’re not going to sugar coat it (see what we did there!?)—it was not easy. 

But after months of 18 months of R&D and supplier wrangling, the Nibble team got there and it the result is simply amazing! And it all starts with spectacular cocoa… 

Grown in unique, mineral-rich soil, Madagascan cocoa is known to be one of the very best (and  most exclusive) cocoas in the world, accounting for less than 1% of chocolate globally.  Madagascan cocoa is so special, it was awarded a “fine flavour” classification by the International  Cocoa Organization, a distinction reserved for less than 10% of the world’s cocoa. And because it  lacks the bitterness of many cocoas, Madagascan cocoa tastes deceptively sweeter, even when used  at high concentrations. 

Nibble’s beautifully tempered DIVINELY DARK MADAGASCAN CHOCOLATE CHIPS, containing  64% less sugar than most commercially available chocolate chips, are already award-winning.  Competing against hundreds of products in the 2021 Free From Food Awards “Best Storecupboard Item” category, Nibble won a bronze award for must-have staple. 

Now available in 160g consumer packs (or 10kg B2B bags), Nibble’s chocolate chips are the  perfect better-for-you baking ingredient. Or just eat them by the handful like we do! 

Nibble choc chip header
Nibble Simply DIVINGELY DARK MADAGASCAN CHOCOLATE CHIPS:  £3.99 per 160g pack. Available from

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