The HORL sharpening system has now launched in the UK

This innovative system changes the way we sharpen knives and makes it possible to sharpen knives easily and precisely for professional-level results in everyday use.

It works in two parts; a magnetic angled sharpening block (the S-Pad) holds the knife in place and then with a simple rolling action with a diamond grinder creates the perfect angle. On the other side of the grinder sits a ceramic honing disc which, after a few movements, significantly refines the grinding and results in a smooth and clean sharpened knife edge. 

“We want to make it possible for everyone to sharpen their knives so that cutting is a real pleasure. To achieve this, we develop easy-to-use, stylish products that always feel great to use” 

says Otmar Horl, founder of HORL 1993.

The HORL sharpener is available in three options priced from £99 and are available at or Borough Kitchen online and in stores

Press quotes from leading German publications include:

“The Horl 2 is perhaps the best sharpening system, my knives were almost as sharp as they were when they came from the factory.”Peter Wagner, SPIEGEL Online.

“The result is phenomenal. Even the old dinner knives are unrecognisable after treatment with the Horl roller grinder. And so sharp that you now have to be a little careful even when handling them.”Perer Badenhop, FAZ 

“From now on, women and men no longer have to be professionals to sharpen kitchen knives precisely. The “Horl” sharpener holds and grinds the knife at the ideal 15 degree angle on each side. The result. Sharp!”Claudia Muir, essen & trinken.

HORL recommend trying The Marker Pen Method: draw a thin line along the edge of your blade, so that the line appears on both sides of the blade. Then sharpen with the HORL 15° angle for a few minutes on each side of the blade. If the line disappears on both sides, the edge has learned its angle and is now sharp. If the drawn line is still visible, we recommend you use the 20° angle. Watch The Marker Pen Method in action here

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