The perfect Summer BBQ wines from When in Rome

When in Rome Wines

With the Summer months just around the corner with some hope of some sunnier weather (not to mention a couple of bank holiday weekend’s thrown in too), When In Rome have put together their best wines for sipping with BBQ food in the garden and out for picnics with friends. They’ve even expertly suggested the best food pairings for each of their wine. 

Whether it is wine in a can, a flat bottle to transport to picnics or premium craft wine in a  sustainable box, When in Rome have your wine needs covered this Summer. 

Available at Amazon and When in Rome 

Craft wine from real producers – When in Rome Wine 

When in Rome’s Greco (White) in Cans – Perfect for drinking al fresco or  for those having a cheeky working lunch ‘al desko’ as we used to call it in  the trade. Those summery vibes from our Greco’s yellow pear and tropical fruits notes are perfect for when the sun comes out, for those with a good palate and a penchant for retro sweets; can you find the hints of pineapple cubes? Feasting on some chicken skewers with a little chilli jam is the way we do it. 

Available here or at Ocado and When in Rome for individual cans 

Phillip Schofield’s Nero Di Troia (Red) in a PET Flat Bottle – a flat bottle perfect for picnics, it can easily be transported in bags without fear of it smashing! The notes of dark red cherry leap to the front whenever you pair this with anything fatty or salty so reach for those burgers or farmers market sausages – we suggest ones with some herbs de Provence – think rosemary, tarragon or thyme. Make sure it’s slathered with a good relish to balance out the wine’s acidity. Available here Phillip Schofield himself enjoys it with barbecued Wagyu beef burgers. 

When in Rome’s Grillo (White) in Bag-in-Box – This is our favourite  for BBQ’d seafood or some grilled Halloumi. The fleshy peaches and more rounded body stand up to anything oily but those bright, zesty lemon notes on the finish will keep your palette clean for the next mouthful. Available here 

When in Rome’s Nero d’Avola (Red) in Bag-in-Box – Sales of pizza ovens went through the roof last year with everyone trying their hand at home made pizza’s. Our Nero d’Avola is the ultimate Pizza pairing, especially when you throw some Pepperoni or dark Olives on top. The dark fruits and spicy notes from the wine combined with a homemade sour dough needs to be tasted to be believed. Available here 

When in Rome’s Rosato (Rosé) in Bag-in-Box – Many lesser Rosato’s will not stand up to food but ours is so packed with punchy red fruits that it’s superb with anything from a nicoise salad to nibbles like capers or anchovies – if you’re feeling lazy just chill it and drink it. Available here 

When in Rome’s Merlot (Red) in Bag-in-Box – our take on a Merlot is light, crisp and refreshing, try it chilled to really bring out those sour cherry and raspberry notes when you’re gobbling up spicy chipolatas or veggie skewers. We recommend aubergine, red peppers and courgette with a dusting of smoked Paprika; lightly charred of course!  Available here 

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