The Raw Chocolate Company Reveal First Luxury Vegan, Organic Easter Egg

As a pioneering brand that has continued to redefine organic chocolate for over fifteen  years, The Raw Chocolate Company are welcoming spring with the launch of their first Easter egg, as a conscious, dairy-free, and gluten-free alternative to mainstream Easter  indulgence. 

The seasonal delight is a luxuriant hazelnut truffle-filled M*lk chocolate egg and contains  their award-winning Almond Snack Pack, rich with their singular brand of chocolate that is  raw, vegan and kept as close to its natural state as possible, with an unforgettably decadent taste that keeps The Raw Chocolate Company leading the way. 

As a gorgeous follow-up to their vibrant rebranding in 2021 and true to their ‘chocolate with  soul’ ethos, the eggs are made with 100% organic ingredients including organic cacao and  coconut blossom sugar. The new item maintains the brand’s signature creamy flavour by  using raw cacao mass, raw lucuma, gluten-free oats and tigernut flour, with cacao solids at a minimum of 57%. The packaging is, as always, fully recyclable and plastic-free. 

Director, Emma Jackman, says ‘Our first Easter egg is yet another exciting step for us; our  products are always ethical and always delicious – nobody does it better than we do!’ 

The Raw Chocolate Company Hazelnut Truffle-Filled Easter Egg is priced at £4.99.

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