The UK’s Number One Vegan Bakery Brand-OGGS® Launch Baked Snack Bars in Food-To-Go

Vegan Bakery Brand OGGS®

Innovative snack food company OGGS® has done it again, successfully coupling those impulse purchase moments with a delicious ethical choice people can feel good about. With 7.2 million people following a plant-based diet[1], the need for vegan-friendly, easily accessible, grab-and-go snacking options is growing exponentially.  

OGGS® will meet the consumer demand with a great tasting, ethical and sustainable choice at the point of purchase, whether that means at petrol stations, till points or as part of a meal deal, OGGS® is focusing on wide appeal and satisfying a growing demand for plant-based convenience snacks. The bars will launch into WHSmith Travel stores in September this year.  

Launching a range which comprises Brownie, Flapjack, Millionaire and Tiffin bars, these are the first great-tasting, 100% plant-based, baked snack bars to launch in the UK, created with the food-to-go categories in mind. At 60g per bar and made with OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba, which produces 75% less Co2e than eggs, these bars, along with the rest of the OGGS® product range is better for the planet, animals and people.  

Founder Hannah Carter comments, “These new snack bars are going to be make it easier for people to make better everyday choices without compromise. To make the biggest positive impact on the planet we all need to make tiny but significant, better choices and increasing the convenience of ethical snack food is a brilliant place to start.  

“Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever about what they’re buying, eating and using. It is the OGGS® mission to make sustainable, plant-based products that taste just as good if not better than their egg-based equivalents and to make them accessible to all. For consumers who want to grab something on the go, the new OGGS® Snack Bars are both delicious and convenient.”  

Retailers are looking to stock a range that has wide consumer appeal, is individually portioned for convenience, and utilises environmentally friendly, eye-catching packaging. The OGGS® brand is growing into a household name which everybody recognises as being inclusive, ethical and sustainable. Selling over five million cakes since launching into supermarkets in 2019, OGGS® Snack Bars are a great choice for both the retailer and the consumer.  

The OGGS® mission is to launch products that use insight-driven innovation, stop animal cruelty and help restore the planet. It aims to do this by encouraging the switch of mass-produced food ingredients from those that are animal-based to those made of plant protein. OGGS® is committed to driving sustainable product innovation and inspire positive changes in consumer behaviour.  

OGGS® Snack Bars will launch into WH Smith stores from September 2021. RRP £1.65.

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