Tios Drinks, a new hard tea brand will officially launch in the UK and Denmark from July!


Combining our love for tea and cocktails to create Tios, a sparkling alcoholic tea or hard tea made with brewed organic white tea, quality spirits and all-natural flavours for a not-so-guilty pleasure. It’s low calorie, zero sugar and 4.4% abv served in 250ml cans in three flavours inspired by our favourite cocktails: 

  • White Tea Margarita
  • White Tea Mojito 
  • White Tea Light & Stormy 

We’d love for you to taste it. You can follow us @tiosdrinks and on our webpage: www.tiosdrinks.com

Why Tios? We are one of the first hard teas on the UK market. It’s light, refreshing and well balanced with a subtle herbal hint from the white tea. More and more consumers want this type of low calorie option, including ourselves. It’s a quick and easy serve directly from the can or over ice. We’ve also focused on sustainable materials to reduce waste where possible. 

Our background

Cecilia, the co-founder of Tios Drinks, based in London, her sister Segolenne and her partner Mark, based in Copenhagen set up Tios Drinks back in June 2020, where we started developing our drink range (Mark and Segolenne were particularly inspired by the range of tea-based drinks and Kombucha after their trip to Australia). In our family, we love a good cocktail and especially a Margarita but we also enjoy the healthier things in life. For us, Tios hard tea is the natural alternative to sugary, calorific, pre-mixed drinks and sometimes uninspiring hard seltzers. Cecilia has a background in Marketing and Brand Management, specifically in the spirits and wine industry, Mark has experience in global procurement and supply chain and Segolenne has extensive experience in key account and product management.

Launch date

Tios will officially launch in the UK and Denmark from June/July through our webshop. We’ve produced our first batch this week from a bottling facility near London and we are currently available for pre-order. 

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