Vegan Mallows continue their impressive roll out

Holland and Barrett have listed all three of the Free From Fellows vegan marshmallows range which are set to go on sale nationwide early March joining the rest of the range of the award winning vegan confectionery range.

The marshmallows are being launched in vanilla, strawberry and mini vanilla formats, all in 105g bags retailing at £1.99. The health food high street retail chain is the latest in a long line of retailers that have showed interest in the products following recent listings in Sainsburys, Ocado, Waitrose, GrapeTree and the independent health food sector. 

Lisa Gawthorne, Director at Bravura Foods (owners of Free From Fellows) comments “The brand is a firm favourite with vegans and has build up a very loyal following over the last five years who are naturally delighted that we have extended the range to include these great tasting mallows”. Karl Morris, Director at Bravura Foods adds “Marshmallows traditionally use gelatine in their recipes to deliver the soft texture. This means that vegetarians, vegans and those following halal and kosher diets cannot eat those traditional products. We wanted to offer choice those sectors and to those who may be plant/vegan curious so launching a gelatine free, fully vegan and allergen free mallow was a natural route for the brand.”

Bravura Foods is owned by vegan athlete Lisa Gawthorne and Karl Morris. The business has been operating in the vegan food and drink market for over ten years. The business has a number of brands listed with Holland and Barrett including Panda liquorice, Lestrin and the Free From Fellows range. The Free From Fellows range has been on sale in the UK for five years and has over 23,000 fans on social media.

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