Washing Machine Mixology

Washing machine cocktail mixer invented to make the ultimate margarita

  • A unique washing machine designed for the sole purpose of mixing cocktails has been created by Jose Cuervo, the world’s number one tequila, to celebrate National Margarita Day (February 22nd).
  • The precision-engineered washing machine cocktail mixer, aptly named the ‘Launderita’, has been invented from the ground up to mix the perfect margarita every time.
  • After cocktail ingredients are poured into the drawers, the real fun begins as the machine powerfully mixes the liquid in the drum before dispensing cocktail from a tap on the front of the invention.
  • The one-of-a-kind washing machine will tour England visiting bars in Leeds, Manchester and London on February 24th, 25th and 26th.
  • For those who aren’t lucky enough to live within sipping distance of Jose Cuervo’s Launderita, a limited number of pre-mixed washing machine margaritas will be available for pre-order from February 14th to be delivered straight to their front door.
  • To register interest in receiving these custom cocktails, visit https://the-jose-cuervo-launderita.myshopify.com

For decades the way of mixing cocktails has gone unshaken and unstirred: add ingredients and ice into metal cups and shake vigorously. But now, inventors at Jose Cuervo tequila have put a truly unique spin on the age-old method of mixing by taking inspiration from an unexpected household staple… the washing machine.

Introducing the ‘Launderita’: the world’s first ‘washing machine’ designed specifically to mix refreshingly satisfying cocktails. Jose Cuervo appointed a team of engineers and makers who spent hundreds of hours designing the one-of-a-kind colourful contraption to automatically mix the perfect margaritas with every cycle, taking tequila fans on an entirely new drinking adventure. 

Users simply pour Jose Cuervo tequila, lemon, lime and light agave nectar into the washing machine’s drawers, hit the start button and witness cocktail-making conventions be completely upended in a luminous silicon drum. Once complete, this mechanised mixologist dispenses Cuervo’s freshly mixed ‘Citrus Bliss Margarita’ from a tap directly into a sherbet-rimmed martini glass. 

To celebrate National Margarita Day (February 22nd), Jose Cuervo will be taking its madcap washer-cocktail hybrid on a bar tour, with margarita fans in Leeds, Manchester and London having the chance to watch their margarita uniquely mixed by the mechanical equivalent of Tom Cruise’s flair bartender in 1980s movie Cocktail.

The washing machine cocktail mixer will make its debut on Thursday 24th February in Leeds, where it will mix margaritas for the masses at Cuckoo from 7:00pm before heading to Manchester for day two. 

The natural home for the unexpected invention in Manchester was always going to be The Wash House. The unique Mancunian hotspot is set in a laundrette with visitors set to be delighted by the cocktail-mixing addition to the bar’s washing machine line up. The Launderita will be at The Wash House on Friday 25th February from 2pm. 

The appliance will then send heads spinning at Barrio in Shoreditch: the perfect flat to house the custom washing machine for its final hurrah, from 5:30pm. 

Those not lucky enough to live within sipping distance of Jose Cuervo’s Launderita can still get a taste of the excitement, with limited number of pre-mixed washing machine margaritas available online.

Those with fingers fast enough to get their details in first will receive a gift pack containing a cocktail mixed in the colourful machine as well as a collectable Jose Cuervo margarita glass. To register interest in receiving a pre-mixed washing machine margarita visit https://the-jose-cuervo-launderita.myshopify.com

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