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25 years ago, Subway® opened their first UK store in Brighton – and since 1996, have served over 332,000 guests every week in UK and Ireland with their iconic Subs, Salads, Wraps and fan-favourite sides.  

Now, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic sandwich brand in the UK, Subway® are inviting guests to win a whole year of free Subs. That’s 365 of your favourite 6-inch Subs, from the iconic Steak & Cheese and Chicken Teriyaki to the vegan Meatless Meatball Marinara or plant-based T.L.C (Tastes Like Chicken)®! 

The prize draw is now live and will reward loyal Subway® guests by giving four winners in the UK enough points to have breakfast, lunch or dinner sorted all year. 

Each winner will receive a total of 182,500 Subway Rewards® points, which will allow you to order 365 6-inch Subs – but can also be redeemed against any menu item of your choice – including favourites such as the iconic Steak & Cheese and Chicken Teriyaki

To enter the prize draw, guests must simply make a purchase of £5 or above in-store with a scan of their QR code or order ahead with their Subway® app between 14th July–7th September 2021. To validate your entry, guests must accept the Subway Rewards® T&C’s*. Every purchase over £5 will count as a new entry. 

Guests hoping to luck out on their meal options will need to have a registered Subway Rewards® account to enter. New guests can also simply download the Subway® app, register and activate their Subway Rewards® account to get involved.  

25 years of Subway® in the UK  

The Subway® brand was started when nuclear physicist Dr. Peter Buck gave a young student Fred DeLuca the idea to open a sandwich shop to help pay his college tuition. 

The pair opened Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA, over 50 years ago, with a vision for serving delicious, quality Subs – and locals loved it. Fast forward to 2021, and Subway® is now the world’s largest submarine sandwich franchise with stores in over 44,000 locations around the globe. 

Travelling across the Atlantic, Subway’s iconic Subs arrived on UK shores in 1996, transforming Brighton’s high street and the nation’s lunch options up and down the country ever since. 

Celebrating 25 years of Subway®, here’s 25 facts you may not know:  

  1. In 1996, the first UK Subway® store opened in Brighton and is still there today  
  2. Subway® serves 96 million Subs per year, that’s 184 Subs every minute in the UK and Ireland  
  3. The B.M.T Sub is the most popular in the UK, selling 6,000 per day  
  4. In 2011, a Sandwich Artist from Wales won the Miss Wales title and went on to appear in the Miss World Competition  
  5. Each year, Subway® bakes 16 million loaves of bread in the UK and Ireland 
  6. On average, Subway® turns 60 tonnes of flour into dough sticks, every day  
  7. That’s 13,893 miles of dough made by Subway® per year – enough to travel halfway round the world!  
  8. In 2019, the most talked about sandwich globally on social media was the Meatball Marinara 
  9. In 2020, Subway® sold 24,310,728 Meatball Marinaras in UK. This totals 159,706,400 individual meatballs and approx. 685,587 gallons of Marinara Sauce (3,116,740 litres) 
  10. If you were to lay all Meatball Marinara Subs sold by Subway® in 2020 end to end, you would reach Lands End to John O’Groats 6.7 times 
  11. Subway® has the most restaurants of any fast-food chain in the world - with more than 44,000 locations across 110 countries 
  12. The “B.M.T”® Sub was first named after New York’s ‘Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit’ subway system, but now stands for ‘Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest’  
  13. In 2012, the breakout star of the “Life of Pi” was promised a free Subway® lunch if he attended a casting session for the movie. He ended up with the lead role and a free lunch 
  14. The first Subway® opened in the UK in 1996, the same year the brand appeared in their first ever movie; the critically acclaimed ‘Happy Gilmore’  
  15. Subway® made its debut in the fashion industry in 2013, when it launched ‘Project Subway’, a New York City fashion show and competition challenging up-and-coming designers to create Subway-inspired designs 
  16. To this day, Subway® stores continue be found in unexpected places. In Germany, there is one on a boat that sails on the Rhine River, while in Cleveland, USA, there is a store within a church   
  17. In 2015, Subway® broke the Guinness World Record for “most people making sandwiches simultaneously” at its annual convention in Las Vegas – where 1,481 people, including employees, vendors and suppliers, made sandwiches at the same time  
  18. There are currently over 37 million sandwich combinations available on the menu   
  19. The sandwich chain first started back in 1965 in America when student, Fred De Luca, borrowed $1,000 from Dr Peter Buck to open a submarine stores to help pay his college tuition 
  20. The Spicy Italian Sub is one of the longest running menu items, having been sold at the very first Subway® store when it opened in 1965 in the United States  
  21. Subway® wasn’t always called Subway! Back in 1965, when Fred De Luca opened the first store, it was called ‘Pete’s Super Submarines’. 
  22. However, in 1968 Fred renamed his super sub store to the iconic ‘Subway’ we all know and love today 
  23. The 6-inch lunchtime classic Sub was initially called “the Snak” when it was added to the sandwich chain’s US menu in 1977 
  24. Translated into Mandarin Chinese, Subway means “taste better than others” 
  25. The average Subway® store uses a staggering 16 acres of the leafy green lettuce each year in guests Subs, Wraps and Salads  

Mays Elansari, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Subway commented: “Since the first UK Subway store opened in Brighton 25 years ago, guests have been able to indulge in a menu with more choice, more taste and more value than ever before. We want to say a huge thank you to our guests for last 25 years and what better way than to offer them the chance to Win A Year Of Free Subs?!”  

To enter into the prize draw to Win A Year Of Free Subs, you must be a registered Subway Rewards® user – then every time you spend £5 or more from 14th July-7th September 2021, either in-store with a scan of your QR code or when you order ahead with your Subway® app, you’ll be entered into the prize draw again and again! Each purchase of at least £5 will result in a new entry. 

To find your nearest open Subway® store, visit  

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