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The art of mixology goes well beyond buying a cocktail shaker or putting some ingredients in a blender. It’s a profession, focusing on creating, making and serving mixed drinks – the skills of an accomplished mixologist are a wonder to behold!

If you’re looking to take on some mixology skills, we have tips from Nisbets catering equipment provider on how you can apply some of their skills to your own drinks preparation, helping you wow friends, customers and clients alike! All you need is a passion for creating delicious drinks through combining a variety of flavours.

Get your weapons ready

Make sure you have all the right equipment before you start, so your creativity can flow unhindered. The traditional cocktail toolkit includes thimbles, jiggers, muddlers and cocktail shakers – and with these essentials, you’ll have everything you need to get going.

Essential tips for mixologists

The fundamentals are key. Make sure the quality of your ingredients is as good as possible – as every element and ingredient will contribute to the flavour of the overall drink. Make fruit purees from scratch, buy good syrups and stock a collection of fresh citruses, as well as an array of herbs. If your ingredients are of an excellent quality, that’s half the battle.

Once you have your basics – your toolkit and your ingredients – you can begin to consider making your first drink. There are many books on the market that will contain classic cocktail recipes, so if you’re a fan of the classics this is worth looking into.

If, instead, you are someone who likes to experiment and get creative, you can follow some of these general ground rules.

  1. Use a base spirit, whether it’s vodka, gin or rum
  2. Add a splash of something bitter or sour – another spirit or citrus fruits
  3. Add another flavour to keep things interesting – more fruit, another spirit or some flavoured spirits
  4. Try topping up with some bubbles. If the drink is too strong, try soda water. If you need to add a lightness or crispness, try sparkling wine.

With these aspects in mind, you can begin to create delicious drinks for friends and customers. To find out more, you can read the original article here.

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