Spitfire Heritage Gin has landed

Spitfire Heritage Gin launched to critical acclaim in May of this year.

Made by world champion gin maker John Walters in Cambridgeshire, the gin is inspired by the women who flew Spitfires during WWII and some of the botanicals used are in tribute to the young lady pilots. They include Borage (for courage), Rosemary (for rememberance), Rose Petals (for the flowers of Britain) and Blood Orange. Other ingredients – Coriander, Almonds, Star Anise, and Juniper Berries.

The young lady pilot who features on the label is ‘Bunny’. She was commissioned from the world’s number one aviation pin up artist, Frenchman Romain Hugualt (pictured with a bottle of Spitfire Heritage Gin).

Spitfire Heritage Gin is available nationally through Wine Rack stores or from www.spitfireheritagegin.com.


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